Introduction to Alyssa

Soooooo hello everyone, my name is Alyssa. I’ve been a student at this school since 2013, which is exactly 4 years this semester. It’s really crazy if I think about it because I honestly still don’t get the ” senior ” vibe, and I can’t even believe so much time has passed without me realizing. I honestly don’t tend to speak up in classes even though I normally have a lot to say. sometimes I feel like there a group discussion going on in my mind, so there’s no need to let words out because I’m technically already having a discussion. And 2 discussions would just cause me to malfunction and go blank. So, if I seem to be in my own world I’m either thinking really hard about what’s being talked about in class or thinking about something totally off topic which has absolutely nothing to do with the class.

I’m an architecture major, I really love it, construction always intrigued me and I would love to do that for the rest of my life. Currently I work full time and go to school full time. I’m an assistant manager at Pandora, the jewelry store not the music app, and now I’m trying to get a job in an area of my field of study. 

I love to look at art and create it myself, in high school I was an art major, and now I’ve shifted my love of typical art to the art of construction and design. Growing up I always viewed television and stories as a form of art, specifically anything Science fiction related. My favorite channel was the Sci-Fi channel before it got foolish with movies like Sharknado. But the original shows like the Twilight Zone, Tales from The Crypt, Monsters, etc. and futuristic things will always have my heart.
Architecture, sci-fi, and my future career goals are kind of going hand in hand. because of global warming, weather changes and sea level rising, future construction methods will have to be implemented in a whole new way. Think of an apocalyptic movie where all coastal cities are flooded or damaged in some way, and society has to rebuild in a futuristic way so that the cities are elevated of have some means of blocking out dangers. That’s kind of our futures and we don’t even know it yet. by 2050 many costal places and beaches like Far rock will be under water, and it’s up to architects and engineers to come up with solutions to save these places.

With me I either really love to write something or really hate to write, no in-between. When writing about something I find interesting, like myself duhhh, it comes with ease. But when asked to write a paper on history or something boring ill literally sit and stare at the blank document till my eyes roll out of my head and start growing fingers and typing the paper for me. my greatest strength in writing or reading is that when I get into something I’m really into it and won’t stop until I feel it completed to perfection. my greater weakness would be my time management skills, they suck, long story short I’m a procrastinator.

I hope to draw inspiration from this class, I don’t like to look at the world in a black and white manner. I like to see the different shades of grays in-between, and I believe science fiction is the gray that I’m looking for. 


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