Hello there my name is Jennifer Guzman Guerrero. I am not very good with introductions in person as well as talking in general. The major I’m in is Electromechanical Engineering Technology (Had to check what I was majoring since I sometimes forget can you believe it but anyways). What I mostly like to do on my days off is play call of duty and Kingdom hearts on my PlayStation 4 as well as go for runs outside to relax also if I don’t play for too long I like to also read some manga’s and watching anime but mostly reading manga’s. I like to listen to any sort of music as long as it sound good to me I am okay with it but what I really listen to a lot is k-pop (if you don’t know what it is just check online I don’t what to explain what it is… yup). Well anyways I don’t have anything else to say so I hope this is good enough.

I believe is time for some questions from Dr. Belli so here are my answers (answers are not in order and the questions will not be written here because is too much work). I already had experience using openlab during my first semester at city tech in my python class I probably made a website but I do not recommend checking it out is horrible but if you want you can check it out just don’t judge I wasn’t sure what I was going and still don’t. My weaknesses in writing is that am not very good at it my spelling is horrible and I always make my sentences to long which is what I am doing right now, as for reading I read slowly not a fast reader at all. My strength in writing and reading is that there is none that I know of so just none. What I like about reading is that sometimes I like to pretend to give a character a voice they might have when they say something but in my head not out loud but what I don’t like about reading is that if the story is not interesting after like half way through a book I will not continue it. I guess my experience with science fiction is that in the game call of duty finite warfare is based on the future also played a Star Wars game that was for the psp. As well as seeing movies like back to the future, Transformers, also Star Wars (not sure if they count). I don’t think that science fiction applies in my major but I just wanted to try taking the class. Okay then no more questions (even do there is still one more question) now I have nothing else to say so see you later since we’re all in the same class and there is no need for a good bye.

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