Don’t judge the book by the cover

Winston Smith wants to break free from “Big Brother” and “the party”, he believe that if everyone decided to go against the system that they would have a chance of changing things in Oceania . Winston knew that  having thoughts about going against the system was punishable by death or a long time in prison, this was considered to be thought crimes. Julia who ends up falling for Winston also wants to be free but unlike Winston she doesn’t think that party can be overthrown.

Winston is a protagonist in his late 30’s who has his own point of view on life , he tend to hold on to memories of his life by writing important details in his diary. Big brother the ruler of Oceania plans to rewrite Oceania history by editing known history replacing it with lies. People of Oceania were being fed with lies but nobody had the guts to question the party mainly because of the consequences they would face for being convicted of a thought crime. During a 2 minutes of hate session Winston began double thinking he then looked over and noticed O’Brien, he always felt like O’Brien had thoughts of beating the system. “until this moment you had never considered what is meant by existence”(42), O’Brien is a member of the thought police but Winston had no idea he’s trying to manipulate Winston.

Winston never liked Julia at first he always thought she was a member of the thought police because she fit the description of a modern day thought police. When Julia started showing her interest toward Winston , he became more open and less suspicious of her. “The one thing that matters is that we shouldn’t betray one another”(28) Winston wants Julia loyalty. Winston and Julia both were guilty of a crime going against Big brother.

Winston thought that O’Brien would be a good person to turn to for help to go against “Big Brother” and the party only to find out later that O’Brien was apart of the thought police. Julia on the other hand who Winston was suspicious of being a member of the thought police place her life on the line for Winston cosigning with his thoughts of being rebellious. 

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