Class Today, Th 4/6, in Library: Visit to the City Tech Science Fiction Archive

Hi everyone!

Just a friendly reminder that today, as a class, we are visiting the City Tech Science Fiction Archive. Therefore, we won’t be meeting in our normal classroom (N806); instead, we will meet outside the library, 4th floor of the Atrium. Aim to get there a few minutes early, but please make sure that you are there no later than 4pm, so that we can head into the library together. If you get there late and we have already gone inside, ask one of the librarians to direct you to the “archive” on the 5th floor of the library, and you will find us there.

A friendly reminder that you will be writing a reflection blog on your visit to the archive (due by Sunday, 4/9), the exploration of the SF magazines you did there, and on the collection as a whole, so remember to take notes during class and take photos if you’d like, to include in your posts. You should also spend some time learning more about the collection on the City Tech Science Fiction Archive OpenLab site (which documents the collection via images and text) and this short video about the collection.

See you all soon 🙂

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