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Small summary of chapter 24 & 25:
The characters are attacked and results in Jill death and Lauren getting hurt.
During the last chapter the people argue on either staying or leaving in the burn down place that use to be the doctors sisters land and end it up staying and trying to start over.

These are some of the quotes that classmate shared that stood out to them:

“ other people got the idea and began sharing what they could spare” Pg. 283
“But it’s not a god. It’s not a person or an intelligence… I don’t anide Pg. 217
“The universe is god’s self portrait” Pg 315
“Then we buried our dead and we planted oak trees afterward, we sat together and talked and ate a meal and decided to call this place acorn” Pg 328
“There is end to what a living world demand of you” Pg 137
“So we become the crew of modern Underground Railroad” Pg 292
“But… him those other they… who feels” Pg 302

Hw: see first episode of Westworld due 5/9 at 5pm
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  1. Thanks for these notes Jennifer. There was a lot of discussion in class about the excerpts chosen. Can you please update this post to include that analysis, since that was a major focus of the class that Thursday? (Also, please revise to include other important aspects of the discussion, such as the connection between the novel and the “Parable of the Sower” itself)

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