Class Notes for 3/7/17


1.ESSAY 1 IS DUE THURSDAY , MARCH 16th,2017. If you have not read the assignment I suggest you do so right away!

2.Double check the class schedule the professor has assign everyone  new dates for class notes.

3.Please review class notes and your own as our midterm is approaching . Also, it can help prompt ideas for essay 1.

Writing Work Shop

Analyze your work do not summarize. (If using happiness as a topic for essay 1 please do not use all of the excerpt in t.)

Essay consist of:

  1. Introduction
  2. Body
  3. Conclusion

Start your essay with the body paragraphs . People usually get stuck on trying to write the intro and  figure out their thesis. Essay should consist of 6 to 7 pieces of evidence from the book. All evidence should support  the intro (thesis).

All paragraphs should consist of a topic sentence. They should also connect to the previous paragraph as well. You may use transitional words but explicitly explain how they relate.

Essay 1

Close reading: Do not include outside sources . It all has to be within the context of the book. Ex: world state view vs. John views.

Discussion on Hand Out

We all did group work for about 20 minutes. Afterwords, We began discussing excerpt #3 on the hand out.

3.The Savage interrupted him. “But isn’t  it natural to feel there’s a God?”

“You might as well ask if it’s natural to do up one’s trousers with zippers,” said the controller sarcastically”(210).

This conversation was between John and Mond.

What does the question signify?

Would it be natural to feel there is a higher being?

Why is religion part of society?

Divine being?

Religion offers guide-dense ,stability , and mothers and fathers.

John believes that it is natural to believe in a higher power. Secondly, the reference to pulling your pants zipper,Mond is undermining and mocking  Johns statement regarding god and religion.

He is challenging the natural idea of believing in something. People are taught to zipper their pants just like people are taught about religion. John only knows about god because he grew up around the concept.

Side Note: Start thinking of contemporary parallels with all our readings especially with the upcoming ones.Example: Brave New World and our society now.

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