Class notes for 2-23-17

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2 additional comments due by tomorrow night on these suggested topics

  • Family
  • Ch.3 ( The weird/jumping narrative between characters)
  • Notion of freedom ( Bernard pg. 90)
  • Notion of civilized vs. uncivilized ( turning humans into product)

Blog 4 due Monday night.

  • NOTE the blogs need a minimum of 3 citations to be read and graded. Cite when using textual evidence, and power phrasing someones idea. ( Last name Pg.#)

3 Main Components To Blogging:

  1. Actually posting blogs
  2. Class discussions ( Participation)
  3. Posting indepth class notes

Circle Time / Class Discussion:

Key Terms:

  1. Efficiency: to produce great quality in a short amount of time.
  2. Mass Production:
    1. We discussed the idea of humans being mass produced
    2. Mass production = Efficient
  3. Assemble Line:Using unskilled workers to complete small tasks that eventually when combined create a whole
    1. Henry Ford and the Model T
    2. Opening scenes of the book
  4. Industrial Revolution: Machine and technology cause paradigm shift
    1. Paradigm: Significant change in events
      1. example: 80’s -90’s Revolutionize the way knowledge is produced.
      2. Shift from dial up to cell phones
      3. Changed the notion of whats possible in technology
  5. Eugenics: Breeding used to improve a group / maintain best qualities
    1. EU = Good / Well
    2. Relates to genetic modifications & engeneering
      1. Like Nazi Germany ( blonde hair , blue eyes)
    3. Social Darwanism & Social Engenering
      1. Charles idea of natural selection & evolution is closely related to the books idea of social engineering
  6. Hedonism: The achievement of pleasure is ones highest goal
    1.  ” Shorten the interval between desire & pleasure” -Not exactly quoted from text
  7. Utilitarianism: Supports the greater good for the largest group
    1. For example, being willing to screw over some people for the betterment of the larger group

Analysis Of Setting

  • Mood / Atmosphere:
    1. Cold environment ( kind of mechanical )
    2. Dark ( “Harsh thin light hungrily seeking…” )
    3. ” Gray building ” = gloomy, dead. The building its sent was full of life but there was no life
    4. Lab technicians = pale & deceased looking
    5. Summer outside & Winter inside ( in the winter s**t dies)
    6. Building was described as only 34 stories = Massive structures are normal
    7. Only bits of life that were found were in the lab under the microscope
      1. Science / mechanical aspects is whats producing life
        1. Machinery & science = Giver of life


  • Discussion on Page 16 & 17:
  1. Motto: ” Community, Identity, Stability”
  2. Values of the DHC & World state
    1. Quality, Efficiency, & Scientific development
  3. ( On page 17, 4 lines down ) The quote talks about the peoples willingness to ‘sacrifice’ themselves for the ‘society’
    1. A momentary incentive of 6 months pa is offered
      1. This shows that the people aren’t sacrificing themselves because its the morally right thing to do. The World State needs to promote the money to bring in people.
  4. Bokanovskys: Biological conditioning, mutation of genes, climate conditioning
    1. Both a mechanism for progress & stability
    2. This idea contradicts each other
      1. Progress = moving forward ant a continuos motion
      2. Stability = Constant / maintaining something at one point
  5. Paradox: Seems like something doesn’t make sense, but in reality its true


  • Discussion on page 26:
  1. The secrete to happiness is liking what you have to do
    1. Make everyone like their social standings
    2. No preference = No freedom
  2. Society’s idea of happiness:
    1. Everyone is given just enough knowledge to be content / happy
      1. The lower castes are given enough knowledge to perform their jobs, but not enough to become of their circumstances


  • Discussion on page 31 & 32:
  1. Viviparous: Live birth
  2. Smut: Porn / Gross / Sexual
  3. Science vs. Smut
    1. The people are conditioned to break family bonds
      1. Loyal to family = Not loyal to the society


  • Neo Pavlovian Conditioning: 
  • Pavlov conducted an experiment with dogs & bells. can to the conclusion that dogs can be trained to associate bells with food, causing them to salivate just at the sound of a bell.
  1. The people in this society are trained to associate thing with things
    1. Hypnopedia = Sleep learning
    2. Electrical shock on infants = Fear books & nature


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