Class Notes for 05/02/17



Don’t forget to carry text to our next class.

will discuss final 2 chapters on Thursday

Come to class with at least 1 thing to discuss. ( 1 excerpt and 1 example)

Examples: refer to things discussed in class, contemporary connections, silicone valley’s apocalypse preparation, hyper empathy, slavery

Recap from last class:

  • Lauren’s hyper-empathy
    • Feels others pain as her own
    • mother was on drugs while pregnant with her
    • Bankole has read up on it ( revealed it to him) falls in love with him, opens up to him
    • zara speaks of experiences she has on the street with hyper-empathy
    • she 1st viewed it as a weakness (can’t keep up with the group) her ankles heel


  • Role of journaling
    • Meditates more with book further into the story
    • writes to maintain awareness and record of event (travel log)
    • more religious ( a place to express what she believes in her heart in relation to earth earthseed)
    • seen as form of poetry
    • when she 1st starts to share her writing with others ( harry, Zara, couple with the baby) she cares the least preachy verses, slowly trying to pull people in.
    • people soon get into earth seed and want to learn more.
    • she teaches people to read and write with the journal.
    • journal serves as more than just religion

Circle Time / Class Discussion:


  • Olivar and KSF: gated community
    • corporate take over
    • people have to work to stay in community


  • Role and relations of people: in the community
    • In the community before how did people deal with things?
      • they were taught to shoot, had nigh watch, underground safe.
      • the people weren’t ignorant or unaware but wanted to maintain the status quo.
      • they were interested in preservation and opposed to change


  • Analysis on Keith: Lauren’s brother
    • he was wanted by those on the outside so he can teach them to read and write.
    • Has major conflicts with laurels father
    • sneaks out of the community, robbing and killing people in the process
    • Lauren uses him to find out what the outside world is like, what to prepare for.


  • Destiny of earthseed
    • To go to space
    • “to take root around the starts” ( page 222)


  • New community members
    • Harry and Zara
    • travis, Nat., Dominic
    • allie and jill
    • justin
    • amaris and torrie
    • bankole

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