Class Notes 4/27


-Literary Event Blog due Sun. Talk about what your experience as well as what you saw, liked etc. Keep in mind that it is still a reflection.

-Next week we are wrapping up the discussion we had on Thursday.

-Monday night there is a blog due for chapters 14-23


.Lauren’s hyperempathy is what makes her human in a cruel world

.Everyone is so accustomed to the brutality that one day there can murder and the next is business as casual

We talked about “Earthseed” quite a bit

.It is slowly evolving through the book and catches the attention of some of the later characters

.God is change, he is what you shape him to be. He is also described as both in unchanging yet is moldable.

We also discussed some of the viewpoints of the characters and how there is an innocent view of the world as well as the more realistic, brutal


Fanaticism- overly obsessed with something (sports fanatic, highly religious people, etc)

Adaptability- able to change with the circumstances (input new things and output new things)

Inexorable- impossible to stop/prevent



One thought on “Class Notes 4/27

  1. Thanks Jesse for these notes. Can you edit the post title to reflect the correct date of the class (4/27, not 3/27)? Thanks!

    Also, I provided a handout for group work and that we discussed as a class. I asked everyone, for HW, to continue working on the prompts in relation to the new reading (chapters 14-23), and to bring in the handout with their notes on Tu 5/2.

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