1984 Analysis

Nineteen Eighty- Four by George Orwell takes place in¬†a dystopian world, centralizing in London of the nation Oceania.¬†The novel begins by introducing us to Winston Smith. ¬†Through him, we see the city is run by a totalitarian party “Big Brother” who instills terror in its citizens and watches their every move. “BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU“(1). ¬†They are at war with another nation who they were once in an alliance with. They spread ¬†propaganda and depict their current enemy as the ultimate evil that must be destroyed.

One of “big Brothers” slogan is “WAR IS PEACE, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY, IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH”(4).¬†This signifies the ¬†manipulation and ¬†altering ¬†through language. They have given ¬†words we associate as negative new meaning ¬†to promote their ideas. ¬† Big Brother controls everything, from erasing and rewriting history to inventing a new language the people are forced to use. Also, ¬†24/7 surveillance through the televisions. ¬†Free-thought is prohibited and they have thought police to patrol and punish anyone who partakes in this act. Citizens of all ages, especially children, are encourage to turn in anyone who commits such an act. The eradication of history and absolute control of the citizens, is for the purpose of ¬†keeping ¬†the people from revolting. “By 2050–earlier , probably all real knowledge of oldspeak will have disappeared . The ¬†whole literature of the past will have been destroyed…the whole climate of thought will be different. In fact there will be no thought ,as we understand it now”(54).

Winston works for the Ministry of truth. He is an editor, responsible for revising all historical data to the liking of ¬†the party’s version of history. Although, he’s good at his job. Winston is not content with his job. He has vices such as gin and cigarettes to keep at bay his feelings of dissatisfaction with Big Brother. He despises everything this society stands for and begins to show signs of rebellion. During a hate session where citizens spend 2 minutes expressing hatred directed to the enemy of the people Emmanuel Goldstein , his hatred shifts towards ¬†the Party, Big Brother, and the Thought Police. “Thus, at one moment Winston hatred was not turned against Goldstein at all, but, on the contrary, against Big Brother, the Party, and the Thought Police;and at such moments his heart went out to the lonely, derided heretic on the screen, sole guardian of truth and sanity in a world of lies” (15). ¬†Another sign of rebellion, is when Winston goes into a junk shop and purchases a journal. He begins writing down this thoughts and feelings. This is consider a huge crime an is punishable by death. ¬†Executions are done ¬†publicly to send a message to the rest.

Through Winston point of view we see the Party’s tyrannical ways.

Brave New World (extra credit )

The 1980 Film Brave New World shows how the factory operates , they had ¬†unique signs they used to communicate with each other. Special information were shared only with the Alphas because they were most cherished being at the top of the caste. Bernard and John were from different parts of the world but faced similar situations. They were both in search of finding a place in society.They both thought for themselves unlike the others who didn’t want to think beyond which they considered blaspheming.

The film started of with a group Alphas were being lectured by the director , he was showing them a film about how life was for people before they created the perfect community. The group were disgusted by what they seen people suffering from poverty , mothers giving birth and the kids eating from the floor had the Alphas ready to throw up. “Females gave viviparous birth”, like animals said of the student. The director said that he’s 50 years old but looked relatively young, due to them not aging in this perfect community. Bernard is a Alpha male who wasn’t satisfied because of his height compared to the other Alpha males, Bernard was adventurous he wanted to visit the reservation of mexico. He asked for approval from the director to visit the camp. The director didn’t want Bernard to go to the camp telling him about his experience there years ago ,but he told him if he do go take a female with him.

Bernard decided to take Lenina to Mexico , after their arrival to the reservation Lenina was disgusted after seeing a old man “he’s so old ” she said. Lenina wasn’t use to seeing old people because back in her community nobody aged. Lenina asked for some soma to help her calm down from her anxieties ” I’ve probably caught one of yall diseases” she said , no ¬†your pregnant replied one of the woman that lived on the camp. Those words sent Lenina into a shock its almost like she was amused. One the other hand while Lenina was traumatized Bernard was quite calm and open to what was going on around him.

Bernard and Lenina came across John who’s mother was Linda , John told them about his mother not being from the reservation. Linda felt rescue when she found out Bernard and Lenina came from the other place. Bernard and Lenina decided to take the two back with them. When they returned to the factory and Linda recognized The director and quickly went over to give him a hug. The director was embarrassed after john called him father all the students laughed, they found it quite funny. Bernard began getting noticed more by his peers since his return ¬†from the reservation and its almost like he’s using John to help him fit in.

John was trying to fit in within this new society but he wasn’t use to the things that he was witnessing in the factory its like he almost viewed them as robots the way they spoke and act was in a orderly manor. John was used to seeing people think and act on their own free will. John likes Lenina but doesn’t makes any effort to sleep with her which made her feel less of herself. He only wants to be with one female but Lenina is used to sleeping around with different men which changed John view towards her. Linda who ended up in the hospital from a overdose on drug later died causing John to go into rage causing a brawl. John ,Bernard and Helmholts were held accountable and punishment would be deportation to another island.

They were all sent to different location ,Bernard went to island while john decided to stay in a house in the country side. John whipped himself everyday as a form of punishment. Even thought Bernard and John came from different place they both had a hard task trying to fit in a society.