ENG 2420: Science Fiction

Professor Belli — Spring 2017 — City Tech

ENG 2420: Science Fiction

Essay #1

Many people in today’s society are willing to spend their very last dollar to fit in and keep up with society standards. There’s a long list of things people go out their way to obtain from Shoes, Electronics ,etc. Everybody wants to be like somebody they admire forgetting about their  own individuality and instead of trying to stand out they rather fit in.”Brave New World,” by Aldous Huxley is based on a society that was designed by man to be perfect. The people that resided in that community was programmed to in caste system from birth, everybody just abide by what they had to do not being being able to be their true selves.Bernard who was apart of that society felt like their was more to life and wanted to be his true self.

Bernard is a young alpha male who feels like an out caste among his peers because of his size being shorter than the average alpha’s. He wants to fit in an feel like a regular Alpha but his insecurity wont let him. Unlike the others that lived in that community Bernard was one few people that thought for them self ,questioning certain things that wasn’t suppose to be questioned. When people had a bad day or felt unhappy they took a drug called “soma” which was supposed to make them happy, but even with the use of soma Bernard problems still wasn’t fixed. One day in the men’s changing room Bernard over heard two guys talking about Lenina which got him angry because he likes her. In this society everyone was thought that “everyone belongs to everyone else” (pg40) ,so having emotion which leads to attachment wasn’t allowed to keep the community stable “Ending is better than mending (pg47). Relationships was forbidden they wanted everyone to be sexually open to all so that way feelings, thought of two people coming together to start a family would exist.

Bernard sent a letter to the director for approval to visit the reservation in Mexico. The director didn’t approve then proceeded by telling Bernard about his experience there years ago, but told him if he do decide to go bring a female along with him. Bernard decided to take Lenina with him, Shortly after their arrival Lenina realized that she forgot her soma. Lenina was disgusted by the environment and what she seen ” he’s so old “,she said after seeing an old man from the camp.The place where Lenina and Bernard came from they didn’t see any old folks, the thought of growing old and having to die didn’t exist to keep everyone happy. Bernard and Lenina came across a young man name John, he was different from the others in appearance and was seen as an out caste in that community. John was the only one besides his mom who we were later introduced to who spoken English on the camp. John wanted to be whipped at a ceremony the Indians was performing to prove that he’s a man. John faced the same problem Bernard faced both feeling like outsiders who had to find a way to fit in. John then told the two that his mother Linda wasn’t from the camp and that she had came with his father when she got lost and was rescued by the villagers from the camp. This information alarmed Bernard finding it very similar to the story the director told him. John then took the two back to house to meet his mother.

Linda was originally from the central London hatcheries where Bernard and Lenina resided, she felt rescued when the two arrived. Bernard and Lenina decided to take the two back to Central London. When they arrived back Linda quickly recognized the director known as Thomakin. John then calls out to Thomakin “father” , the director was humiliated by everyone laughing because the thought of having a family didn’t exist. Linda, John and Thomakin were the closest to what would be considered a family. John was hoping that this “Brave New World” will have place where could fit in and be himself. John doesn’t like the new world that much his mom is already in the hospital from a soma overdose. Since their return from the reservation in Mexico Bernard started to get more notice from his peers he finally felt like he was fitting in, but when john doesn’t want to be apart of Bernard skim that pisses Bernard of. John went to visit his mother in the hospital she later died. John was in rage “How many goodly creatures are there here! How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world.”(pg210) ,he yelled. John went on to tell them that soma is poison and that their slaves. A brawl then broke out between john and the group of Delta’s how could he dear disrespect soma. Helmholtz an Alpha who came across John previously found out that they both love “shakes spear”  intervened to help john in the brawl while Bernard stood there not knowing what to do.

Lenina still wants to fulfill her dream of sleeping with john, but john believes that a woman should belong to one man and fall in love the total opposite of what Lenina and the others believed. She once made sexual advancements towards him, John pushed her away ” damn whore, a strumpet” (pg194). John , Helmholtz and Bernard were held accountable for the brawl and a form of punish will be relocation. John went to talk to Mustafa Mond one of the world leaders, their main  discussion was based on  religion. John asked Mond “it is natural to feel the existence of God”(pg218), people believe what they are programmed to believe. John that doesn’t want to live in a perfect society he wants ” God, poetry, real danger, freedom, goodness, and sin,” (pg224) those things lead to unhappiness, said Mond.

Both John and Bernard wanted to own their individuality, while being able to fit in their society. Bernard had a hard time fitting in because of his size , he wanted to fit in and feel like a regular Alpha male. When he returned from Mexico he didn’t fully own his individuality but he was will able to fit with John by his side. John owns his individuality he wants to able to grow old and have a family , praise God, etc. Even though john knew what he wanted he wasn’t able to fit in the World State Society because their lack of individuality. This leaves with the question is it best to fit in or be your own individual?.

Two Extra Credit Opportunities: Movie Versions of ‘Brave New World’

I am offering two extra credit blogs based on two different movie versions of Brave New World (please categorize appropriately). For each blog, you should provide a response based on a comparative analysis of the novel and the particular film (this response can also include your thoughts on/opinions of/reactions to the film).  You may choose to write just one blog or both (or neither), but all blogs are due M 3/6 and should be a minimum of 500 words.

Here are links to the two versions of the movie:

As you watch the film(s) and draft your response(s), you should definitely take stock of similarities and differences between the novel and the film, but this is only a first (pre-draft) step. Your response blog should not only note key similarities and/or differences but also (and this is the crucial part!) discuss the significance of these similarities and/or differences.  Putting two texts in dialogue with each other allows you to create a more nuanced argument about them. Remember, your goal is not to simply list your observations (for example: these are the things than are different in the film) but to critically analyze these differences (how do omitted/added/revised characters, plot details, conflicts, etc. change our understanding of the text?).

Extra credit blogs will replace missing blogs (or count as additional credit if you’ve done all of them already). There are only two grades for these extra credit blogs (100 and 0). If you watch the films & blog your responses/reflections completely (in terms of length and content) and thoughtfully, you will receive 100% (an “A”) for the assignment. If you do not turn in the assignment (or if it is too short/not fulfilling the purposes of the assignment), you will receive a “0.” Don’t forget to take notes during the films, so you can include concrete details from the events in your blogs.

Brave New World 1-18

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley starts of with a group of kids that were witnessing how babies were being produced in a lab. Since mothers no longer gave birth to babies with technology they can now produce up to 96 babies in what would’ve been one.The group was told of the caste system in which the babies were organized in beginning with Alpha , Betas ,Gammas, Delta and Epsilons being at the bottom. The babies future were determined before they could decide,those from the higher level of the caste system like the Alphas and Betas would have better jobs working in the labs compared to the babies lower in the caste like the Delta and Epsilons who would have to work in the factories.

Through the first few chapters of the text we were introduced to many different characters one of which that had a big impact was Bernard who worked as a physiologist. Bernard was apart of the highest group in the system Alphas, even thought most of the Alphas were happy Bernard wasn’t he felt like an out cast regarding to his size compared to the other Alpha males. Bernard felt there was way more to explore in life, he went to director of the hatching center to ask for permission to visit the savage reservation in new mexico, the director turned down Bernard request telling him about his own experience going to the savage camp (Huxley, A pg87), “I had the same idea as you,” the Director was saying. “Wanted to have a look at the savages. Got a permit for New Mexico and went there for my summer holiday. With the girl I was having at the moment. She was a Beta-Minus, and I think” (he shut his eyes), “I think she had yellow hair. Anyhow she was pneumatic, particularly pneumatic; I remember that. Well, we went there, and we looked at the savages, and we rode about on horses and all that. And then–it was almost the last day of my leave–then … well, she got lost. We’d gone riding up one of those revolting mountains, and it was horribly hot and oppressive, and after lunch we went to sleep. Or at least I did. She must have gone for a walk, alone. At any rate, when I woke up, she wasn’t there. And the most frightful thunderstorm I’ve ever seen was just bursting on us. And it poured and roared and flashed; and the horses broke loose and ran away; and I fell down, trying to catch them, and hurt my knee, so that I could hardly walk. Still, I searched and I shouted and I searched. But there was no sign of her. Then I thought she must have gone back to the rest-house by herself. So I crawled down into the valley by the way we had come. My knee was agonizingly painful, and I’d lost my soma. It took me hours. I didn’t get back to the rest-house till after midnight. And she wasn’t there; she wasn’t there,” the Director repeated. There was a silence. “Well,” he resumed at last, “the next day there was a search. But we couldn’t find her. She must have fallen into a gully somewhere; or been eaten by a mountain lion. Ford knows. Anyhow it was horrible. It upset me very much at the time. More than it ought to have done, I dare say. Because, after all, it’s the sort of accident that might have happened to any one; and, of course, the social body persists although the component cells may change.” But this sleep-taught consolation did not seem to be very effective. Shaking his head, “I actually dream about it sometimes,” the Director went on in a low voice. “Dream of being woken up by that peal of thunder and finding her gone; dream of searching and searching for her under the trees.” He lapsed into the silence of reminiscence.” He then warned Bernard that if he heard anything any lapse from a proper standard of infantile decorum he would have to transfer him to Iceland. Bernard wasn’t going to let the director stop his quest so he left for mexico with Lenina. Shortly after arrival they witnessed a ritual in which a young man was being whipped , they were approached by a savage who’s name was john. John was white and spoke English unlike the others there, john then tells Bernard about his mother Linda she wasn’t from the reservation camp (Huxley, A pg122), ” Linda had come from the Other Place long ago, before he was born, with a man who was his father. She had gone walking alone in those mountains over there to the North, had fallen down a steep place and hurt her head. Some hunters from Malpais had found her and brought her to the pueblo. As for the man who was his father, Linda had never seen him again. His name was Tomakin He must have flown away.” Bernard found john story similar to the story Thomas (The Director) told him. Bernard asked john and Linda  to go back with him, when they arrived back to the city Linda pointed out Thomas as the father to her son. john became very popular , his mother ingested a large dose of soma which she later died from. John breaks out in rage telling everyone that they were slaves and soma was bad for them, a brawl broke out between john and the workers Helmholtz then jumped in to help john while Bernard stood shook not knowing what to do.They were all held accountable Bernard and Helmholtz were shipped to different islands but john choose to stay in a deserted house in the country side he whipped himself as a form of punishment , a crowd then showed up demanding john to do the stunt for them (Huxley, A pg241), “Just a few words from you, Mr. Savage with a series of ritual gestures.” The following morning when they returned to interview john they found him hanging.

Brave New World had so much twist to it from them trying to create a perfect community where everyone would be happy, with babies  being produced in a lab in a caste system .throughout the text we seen that even with the technology and aspiration they still couldn’t achieve their overall goal. The curiosity of Bernard led to series of events in which ended the story with chaos and tragedies.

Brave New Word Chapter 10 to the end

Bernard takes both Linda and John to London. The Director is ready to fire Bernard in public before Bernard turns the tables and brings out Linda his former lover who has aged and gained lots of weighted. Everyone is repulsed by her physique. As Linda tells him all the suffering she endured and how she became pregnant. John is called by Bernard and meets The Director falling to his knees calling him father. Everyone around breaks into laughter because of the obscured statement. The Director humiliated resigns and takes a soma holiday. Following the incident, Linda goes on a soma holiday  because she  does not fit in anymore. Her appearance repels people. Mean while, Bernard who has custody of John “The Savage” goes on parading him. Bernard becomes popular and everyone wants to know who John; He is this new and strange being everyone wants to know of. That is short lived after John refuses to go to the party Bernard was hosting.

Through the book John says “O Brave New World ” (p.g 130, 148,190). Each time he recites the phrase it has a different meaning. At first, he recites it when he is excited to see the the new world. Afterwords, he recites it after seeing the new world. Which he is not too pleased with. Lastly, he recites it while trying to break up a distribution of soma to a delta group. He tries to talk to them about liberty without success.

After seeing, the “Brave New World” that his mom has told him so much about,John is not impressed or happy with how the Utopian civilization is conducted. His ideas of marriage, free will, human indignity are not the same as the Brave New World. His idea of courtship which he has gathered from reading Shakespeare and from living with the savages conflicts with that of  Leninas conditioning by society. “Everyone one belongs to everyone else” (p.g.46) their is no monogamy in the new world. People can sleep with whom ever they want. Promiscuous behavior is encouraged. As oppose to John, the men had to prove he was worthy of the women’s love and  “undergo something nobly” (p.g173) or “bring her the skin of a mountain lion -i mean when you wanted to marry someone”.  His mom was beaten infront of him for sleeping with married men. Ultimately, John was put off by Leninas advances and calls her ” Whore! Impudent strumpet!”(p.g177) and slaps her. furthermore , after speaking to Mustapha Mond and ultimately declaring the right to be unhappy. John decides to separate himself  and moves to an abandoned hilltop air lighthouse to purify himself  from civilization . He whips himself when he catches himself singing and when Leninas half naked body comes to though. However, the people catch sign of this and come to see John and demand to see the whip. He sees Lenina and hits her with it. An orgy breaks loose and John gets caught up in it. In the End, John realizes what happened and is striken by guilt. He ultimately hangs himself.



A crushed Utopia

In Brave New World, a person from outside of civilization, John, is introduced to the civilized world of London.  From the beginning, his views of this civilized world is painted by his mother.  His mother at times would tell him about the “Other Place” where “everybody is happy and no one ever sad or angry, and every one belonging to every one else”(Hitchens, page 120).  Already, from this section of the quote from the book, Linda has painted a fanatical point of view of how the civilized world for her son to imagine which raises his expectations to be very high.  When he goes to bed, John would “think of  Heaven and London and Our Lady of Acoma and the rows and rows if babies in clean bottles and Jesus flying up and Linda flying up and the great Director of World hatcheries and Awonawilona”(Hitchens, page 120).  John daydreams of a paradise, a Utopia, by thinking of London, where his mother was from, together with Heaven, a happy place people go once they die.  Also, from this quote, John also imagining Linda flying up with being happy as she’s flying up with Jesus, similar to angels.  Finally, the rows of babies in bottles John imagines along with religious figures shows that he’s mixing both his idea of civilization, a paradise, and his culture’s religious figures together while imagining a happier place.  He imagines London to be more of an amazing place than it actually is.

However, as John was able to get to London, later on he encountered conflictions from what he understands which for him is horrifying.  Lenina, a girl that John had a crush on and viewed as very beautiful, approached him, but not understanding his shyness towards her, tried to push herself onto him, for in page 171 in the book, Lenina had also fallen for him to the point she was obsessed with him.  Unfortunately, her forwardness turn, in John’s eyes, herself from something like an angel to something wicked like a succubus.

Brave New World 10-18

As it is often stated, in reality a man’s gifts and talents can take him around the world and so to that same talent and intelligence can used to invoke fear and create a platform/medium for them to succeed at the cost of someone else’s demise. This is clearly depicted in the novel where one can see that there is this obsession of creating human clones in a factory with test- tubes, incubators, microscopes.  What is being implied in the novel one may ask, the fact that these human clones are being produced on such a large scale, even if one fertilized egg in lost or some how misplaced, it is not a problem because it is a mass production business.(pg 176 paragraph 2) ” The greater a man’s talents, the greater his power to lead astray. It is better that one should suffer than that many should be corrupted”.

As one reads further along in the novel, some interesting characters starts to emerge. One of whom happens to be  Bernard. Bernard seems to be slightly different from the other Alphas. He is not as perfect as others appear to be and suffers from this fact. In addition to great success involving two or more persons there is also the harsh reality of betrayal. The director of the Hatcheries blatantly calls out Bernard in front of the whole student body saying he is not what you think he is. Its as if because the whole student body had already came to a consensus/ agreement of mass cloning human individuals through a factory setting, Bernard is viewed as hypocrite or a fraud for not following through with the ideologies of the Hatcheries. ( chapter 10 pg 177 last paragraph) clearly outlines this claim. ” I anticipate and say this ex-colleague?-has grossly betrayed the trust imposed in him by his scandalous unorthodoxy of his sex life, and by his refusal to obey the teachings of our ford an behave out of office hours”.

Furthermore Bernard and his friend Helmholtz Watson share the same idea of being individuals, although they are artificially fertilized from the same basis. This idea causes them to become friends, because there is no one else to talk to about what they believe. They both dislike the system they are living in, the fact that he is not perfect like the others he does have much self- esteem, the  mockery of the others makes him feel like an outsider.


Brave New World (Chapter 10 – 18)

After reading chapter after chapter of the Brave New World, I started to believe the World State twisted centuries of modern human belief to bring about control over society. The World State has made the title of Parents (Mother and Father) and women giving birth as taboo. During the tour with Director with the students, this was stated about feels about parents, “and ’parent’?” questioned the D.H.C. There was an uneasy silence. Several of the boys blushed. They had not yet learned to draw the significant but often very fine distinction between smut and pure science. One, at last, had the courage to raise a hand. “Human beings used to be.” he hesitated; the blood rushed to his cheeks. “Well, they used to be viviparous.” (Huxley, p32). Viviparous means giving live birth, but in some cultivation, just idea of women not able to bear children of their own is considered taboo. But looking at the idea of considering Mother and Father figures as smut and a machine pumping out human like a car factory as pure science from a logical standpoint, I believe it did stabilize the population by taking it away child birth from the citizen.

Soma is the other twisted thing the World State has put in affect that I’ve seen thought out the story. It’s practically everywhere and makes me believe that the answer to everyone’s problem. From what I’ve read, I believe SOMA was designed to keep all the citizens of World State happy and docile, another form of control. After Henry try to push a gramme of SOMA on to Bernard so he can “feel better”, Henry State, “Now such is progress-the old men work, the old men copulate, the old men have no time, no leisure from pleasure, not a moment to sit down and think or if ever by some unlucky chance such a crevice of time shoud yawn in the solid substance of their distractions, there is always soma, delicious soma, half a gramme for a half-holiday, a gramme for a week-end, two grammes for a trip to the gorgeous East, three for a dark eternity on the moon;” (Huxley, p62). This proves to me that SOMA is more than just an addiction, but it also helps everyone function in the reality they live in.

Marriage has also been abolished thought out society, but not in John’s eyes. Lenina and John have had feeling for each other from the being, but Leninia and John didn’t express them in the same manner. John lives by the words of Shakespeare that he raised his self on, wanted to marry Leninia seen on Chapter 13 p173, but the share thought of marriage mad confused and angry.

Blog#4: Brave New World(Chapters 10-18)

The story resumes in chapter 10 as the director has a plan that he wants to dismiss Henry infront of the workers as a public example because he believes that his type of behavior is a threat to the stability in the nation. Throughout these chapters, John and some other characters would quote from Shakespeare. It is interesting that Shakespeare would be quoted from these characters mouths because it is a type of literature and usually literature like that is considered to be something different that the nation does not use and can affect what they call “happiness”.

Also John is a character that is called by the name Savage now and he does not like or admire the civilization he is apart of. According to the book it says: “It isn’t only art that is incompatible with happiness; it’s also science. Science is dangerous; we have to keep it most carefully chained and muzzled.”(Huxley, page 202). This saying is interesting because in the story happiness is often compared to what the stability of the nation is and how the people are born to fulfill certain jobs or duties that they are assigned to based on the status and conditions they are born with and into. They say that they want to keep the things like arts and sciences more distant and controlled from the society because that can cause a disturbance in what they call happiness within their society, even though they use science which is when they create the clones. Also since arts or literature is banned, they did that because they want the people to be more accustomed to newer things rather than old works that can last long because to the powers in charge of that society, having stability is more important.

“Call it the fault of civilization. God isn’t compatible with machinery and scientific medicine and universal happiness.”(Huxley, Page 210). Mustapha Mond is saying that the choice was made that civilization rather would choose science and technological advances rather than dealing with God because that would make a civilization more better according to him, which is why religion and religious beliefs are not a part of what the World Nation and it’s standards.

John believes that the time and the conditions are actually a form of degradation for the citizens rather than it actually being a good thing. Since he believes this and has different ideologies it eventually leads him into getting punished by Mond and than he then leads his own life in the form of solitude away from civilization. Also Bernard and Helmotz are banished and forced to live in separate islands away from civilization because they are believed to also be able to cause harm to the ideals also. When John secludes himself away by being at the lighthouse he did so in order to be able to keep his beliefs and ideals within himself but than soon afterwards he had killed himself because of the arrival of Lenina and feeling as though he has gave in to what he despises the most which was the World State.

Overall this was an interesting science fiction story because it showed various elements that you would usually find in works of science fiction like the use of technology and creation of clones and also the different ideologies we would consider to be wrong or weird in a certain way. Also I find it interesting that even though they try to restrict science arts and aspects of religion, they still use some sort of ideas that stem from those factors.

Brave New World (Chapters 10-18)

In the continuation of Brave New World, Linda and John was grant premission to visit the World State. As Linda walks into the conversation between Bernard and the Director, the narrator described her as “Bloated, sagging, and among those firm youthful bodies, those undistorted faces, a strange and terrifying monster of middle-agedness”(Huxley 139). After Linda walked into the crowd that the Director drew, people sees Linda as a monster or a unnatural being because of her age. Since in the story everyone in living in the World State is a fairly young adult and encountering Linda is new to all of the workers that the director drew in. The Director past lover Linda with the embarrassment of John calling him “father” cause him to resign.

After John was introduce to the World State, he has be refer to as “the savage” instead of his name. The irony of this is that John is a decent human being throughout the story. It is the people in the World State that are the savages and not John.

John had became a sensation in the World State society, although previously not being able to fit in the savage reservation. It then Bernard use this to his advatange as the narrator described “It was John, then, they were all after. And as it was only through Bernard, his accredited guardian, that John could be seen, Bernard now found himself, for the first time in his life, treated not merely normally, but as a person of outstanding importance”(Huxley 144). John is now Brenard responsibility and only through him that people can see John and through John, Bernard is treated like a proper Alpha plus. Bernard character slowly develop from see that the is something wrong with the World State caste system to forgetting about the problems.

It was then that John picks up the role that Bernard left off as John said “Don’t take that horrible stuff. It’s poison, it’s poison.”(Huxley 191). John drastically changes after her mother death, seeing that there is something wrong in society and knowing that soma was not good for them. John is similar to Bernard before he let all that fame get to his head, but John did something about it.

Although in a world of technological advancement science is frowned upon as said by Mustapha Mond “It isn’t only art that’s incompatible with happiness; it’s also science. Science is dangerous; we have to keep it most carefully chained and muzzled.”(Huxley 202). In a society so dependent on technology even using it to clone humans it is forbidden, that is very ironic because they use technology to reach a point of an utopian society but don’t use it to better it.

After a long talk with Mustapah Mond about what is right or wrong, John is sent to an island for the crime and outcast just like how Bernard felt during the beginning of the story. John torture himself for the things he did by whip himself.

Overall the book was fantastic to read and enjoyed it a lot. Although the ending was a bit unsatisfying because nothing had really change in the World State.

Analysis, Brave New World #2

The Director leaves. In the interim, all upper-rank London is wild to see John, whom they call the Savage. Since Linda is old, monstrous, and a mother, nobody needs to see her. Linda couldn’t care less, however, and cheerfully medicates herself into a trance with soma. Bernard’s association with the Savage makes him well known and vital. He takes full favorable position, laying down with numerous ladies. He likewise thinks Helmholtz is envious, when truly Helmholtz is disheartened in light of the fact that in the face of Bernard’s good faith, the general population being benevolent to him keep on disliking him. Bernard even goes so far as to compose an answer to Mustapha Mond about the Savage in which he says that he concurs with the Savage’s conviction that infantility is too simple. Mond chooses not to show Bernard a lesson … however. The Savage visits different World State offices. Bokanovsky twins frighten him. At Eton, he sees schoolchildren snicker at a film demonstrating religious ceremonies, and discovers that World State youngsters are adapted to acknowledge passing.

When he gets to be distinctly famous, Bernard rejects his past disdain and begins to like what society brings to the table. Hence, he discloses to Helmholtz that he had six distinct ladies in one week. Bernard rises as a shallow and self-retained character who neglects to understand that self-centeredness is just an alternate type of independence and that regardless he has no place in a general public where singular lives are subordinate to social steadiness.

A phrase that caught my attention was “What fun it would be if one didn’t have to think about happiness!”. One of the real topics of BNW is Happiness vs. Stability. The World State needs to make an extremely stable society – as appeared by its proverb – where individuals take after experts without question. Happiness advances precariousness on account of the unstable way of bliss itself, for cherishing somebody. This kind of satisfaction makes it troublesome for the administration to control its people since it might diminish individuals’ rate of utilization; as an outcome, the World State balances out its people by pulling them far from forceful feelings. They do this by making a framework where individuals are in a split second satisfied (sex, soma) and given no opportunity to reflect about the more critical stuff.

john’s developing aversion against everything in the World State at last moves him into a face to face encounter with it.. He demands considering Lenina to be an immaculate, virginal lady, had of finish sexual humility. To John, Lenina is just a theoretical rendering of all the idealistic ladies he has perused about in Shakespeare’s works. He battles with the physical side of sexuality to indicate that he needs stifle it totally. At the point when Lenina makes a go at him, he calls her a whore for breaking the guidelines of an ethical code she is not in any case mindful of. “whore” is the main other classification that he needs to comprehend Lenina. It is critical that when he bolts himself far from Lenina,