Brave New World

So, Brave New World, really kicks off with the exposition hard in these first chapters. The creepy tour is kinda like a bastardized version of Willy Wonka, with the kids, who I believe are mainly boys and seem to be of the beta cast, on how this new globalist society has constructed its self, from the how humans are grown in hatcheries, to the cast system, to the hypnopaedia and the “Neo-pavlovian” teachings. This is probably a really great way to involve the reader, it gives a perfect form of detachment and estrangement to our modern day lives, while also giving us means to quickly learn a lot about this “brave new world”. there is so much info dumped on to you in just the first few chapters that it could fill a 10 page paper…

It seems that this part of the book focuses on the destruction of the individual on even the level of having a destiny in order for the sake of society, even inter twining the two with the case of women getting their  ovaries removed to grow kids as part of  “their inescapable social destinies”. The forced fetal alcohol syndrome and oxygen on the lower casts really shows how this society views human lives, and that is to live and die as a blood cell in its stream, and to be replaced as such, of course you could have upwards of six teen thousand siblings and/or clones to replace you so, I guess to them its part of the whole “perfect” system.  The way people are taught or “parented” in these hatcheries is a lot less about critical thinking and curiosity, and is more about conformity,  consumer ship, safety and productivity. The “neo-pavlovian” part is probably the most disturbing, with the whole hurting babies so that they detest nature and book, which I think is an analog for the society in this book, it perverts the natural side of humans being child birth through use of knowledge that harms us, like the fetal alcohol syndrome, and even using sleep to better a fix humans in this society, as if challenge in any form no matter the size is like a cancer and detriment to this “perfect” society. This also brings ups the idea of, is the human culture of this earth stagnate due to its embrace of conformity and safety, If there is no challenge, there is no solution. If there is no solution, there is no advancement.if there is no advancement, it will lead to stagnation, which can be very bad if this societies weaknesses are shown and exploited, which as happened in the past, always does, and when it does, will the people change or die with there titanic society. Another thing on culture, it seems that human sexuality has been repressed to the point were even parental terms are seen as to have a perverted attribute to it, which shows to the oddity in humans that when we make a great step in becoming estranged from our roots as hunter gatherers, we make great steps in sexual repression,  generally in the same magnitude.

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