Brave New Word Chapter 10 to the end

Bernard takes both Linda and John to London. The Director is ready to fire Bernard in public before Bernard turns the tables and brings out Linda his former lover who has aged and gained lots of weighted. Everyone is repulsed by her physique. As Linda tells him all the suffering she endured and how she became pregnant. John is called by Bernard and meets The Director falling to his knees calling him father. Everyone around breaks into laughter because of the obscured statement. The Director humiliated resigns and takes a soma holiday. Following the incident, Linda goes on a soma holiday ┬ábecause she ┬ádoes not fit in anymore. Her appearance repels people. Mean while, Bernard who has custody of John “The Savage” goes on parading him. Bernard becomes popular and everyone wants to know who John; He is this new and strange being everyone wants to know of. That is short lived after John refuses to go to the party Bernard was hosting.

Through the book John says “O Brave New World ” (p.g 130, 148,190). Each time he recites the phrase it has a different meaning. At first, he recites it when he is excited to see the the new world. Afterwords, he recites it after seeing the new world. Which he is not too pleased with. Lastly, he recites it while trying to break up a distribution of soma┬áto a delta group. He tries to talk to them about liberty without success.

After seeing, the “Brave New World” that his mom has told him so much about,John is not impressed or happy with how the Utopian civilization is conducted. His ideas of marriage, free will, human indignity are not the same as the Brave New World. His idea of courtship which he has gathered from reading Shakespeare and from living with the savages conflicts with that of ┬áLeninas conditioning by society. “Everyone one belongs to everyone else” (p.g.46) their is no monogamy in the new world. People can sleep with whom ever they want. Promiscuous behavior is encouraged. As oppose to John, the men had to prove he was worthy of the women’s love and ┬á“undergo something nobly” (p.g173) or “bring her the skin of a mountain lion -i mean when you wanted to marry someone”. ┬áHis mom was beaten infront of him for sleeping with married men. Ultimately, John was put off by Leninas advances and calls her ” Whore! Impudent strumpet!”(p.g177) and slaps her. furthermore , after speaking to Mustapha Mond and ultimately declaring the right to be unhappy. John decides to separate himself ┬áand┬ámoves to an abandoned hilltop air lighthouse to purify himself ┬áfrom civilization . He whips himself when he catches himself singing and when Leninas half naked body comes to though. However, the people catch sign of this and come to see John and demand to see the whip. He sees Lenina and hits her with it. An orgy breaks loose and John gets caught up in it. In the End, John realizes what happened and is striken by guilt. He ultimately hangs himself.



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