Brand new world

A lot of people have called the governmental regime “totalitarian” in nature, Huxley explicitly describes it as such. Huxley stated in Brave New World Revisited that the only way to create a permanently stable society is for the regime to have absolute power. The regime must then promise that people are happy all the time, be able to control the behavior with every person, and ensure that independent thinkers are forbidden from disturbing the social fabric. Huxley the realize some of the main sources of social stability. Science creates and conditions people to become happy members of society. The comment by the Director, “What man has joined, nature is powerless to put asunder,” reveals the extent that the conditioning can alter behavior.

The interplay between sexuality and emotions is complex. Huxley realized that monogamy, sex, and family ties generate most human emotions. Thus, the society rests on promiscuity and baby factories. The goal is to eradicate emotions by replacing them with pure sexual desire and nothing else. This, combined with the baby factories, destroys family life and monogamous relationships.

Bernard Marx and Helmholtz Watson have deep questions on the society that they live in, though they do not know how to put such questions into thought or words. This impulse towards the rational comes from differences, strength for Bernard, brain for Helmholtz – that blocks their ability to accept the ordered world around them. Plus, Huxley makes a statement about creativity, progress, and the ability of powerful authorities to stifle such things. Foster and Lenina represent the majority of society, who have a limited range of actions and do not do anything amazing which I don’t understand. Their conversation that hey have repeats phrases learned during hypnopedia (learning while asleep or hypnotize.), therefore contains no new smart ideas.

Lenina goes out on a date with Bernard twice before their trip to the Savage Reservations, and each time she finds Bernard to be weird. Bernard prefers to walk with her in a park so that they can spend time talking. However, Lenina cannot sum up the idea of intellectual conversation and convinces him instead watch a wrestling match. Bernard refuses to take any soma and is unhappy in the middle of a large crowd. That same night, Lenina expects Bernard to stay over and sleep with her, but he has to take a lot of soma before he can do so because he feels embarrassment over entering into sex so early in their relationship.
This becomes hard for Bernard and Lenina to release their emotions. Since both of them forget to bring any soma, they cannot hide behind the narcotic’s pleasures. Lenina cannot hold back her emotions. The way the Indians live induces an intense amount of disgusted in her. Bernard tells Lenina that men have lived this way for thousands of years, but she simply cannot believe it.

John agrees to leave in the hopes that the Utopian world can accept him. Huxley uses the future dystopian society as a point of contrast, the novel makes a larger point about the way all societies treat unfamiliar cultures. John symbolizes this difference, as he is too civilized and emotional for the savage lands but too savage for the civilized world.

With the play. Hard for me to see but I think John was falling for Lenina. Convincing himself that he loves Lenina, and the chapter expresses his love by the way he looks at her and inhales her perfume. John retains humbleness, for when he imagines undressing Lenina, he immediately feels ashamed for his impure thoughts.
The play also parallels John and Lenina’s romantic situation, since the two are from different worlds. Lenina inhabits the civilized world, a world that looks down upon reservation people who live savage and incomprehensible lives. The reservation people, on the other hand, cannot understand the scientific society that now lacks emotion, religion, and natural life. The passion that John feels for Lenina mirrors the love that Romeo and Juliet, two lovers from fighting families, have for each other.

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