Analysis of Brave New World

The Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, shows us a world that is technologically advance that is able to clone humans or grow them in a lab since natural birth is not a thing in this society anymore. It set in a Central London Hatchery where they use the “Bokanovsky’s Process” to clone humans. In the World State, society is structure by a caste system first with Alphas at the top followed by Beta, Gamma, Delta, and the lowest Epsilon. Alpha and Beta does not undergo the Bokanovsky’s Process because it might damage the egg. In the World State’s motto “COMMUNITY, IDENTITY, STABILITY” ( Huxley 15)  Identity does not apply to the lower caste system because the are clone they share the same identity. Cloning contradict the motto and only applies to higher caste because clones or lower caste human don’t get their own identity because the are identical two each other. The cloning and mass production of humans was made by Ford, Ford in the story was thought to be a god and even a character called Bernard pray to him in a group session.

The Bokanovskified egg ” The lower the caste … the shorter the oxygen.” ( Huxley 24), this sets up the clones to unable to do any other caste jobs. This is just like a robot being programmed to do a specific job and doing it without questions. They further condition them by ” books and loud noises, flower and electric shocks” (Huxley 30), this show that lower caste will be less educated then the alphas and betas, associating flower and electric shock will condition them to hate nature and never to go to country side. This was stated so it can maximize profit for the World State.

Mustapah Mond is one of the ten world control.  In the book the student that are in a tour meets Mustapah Mond and looks up to him. Mustapah Mond is like a leader for a section of the world. Mustapah Mond explains to them what happened before the World State was formed, he tell them about the past and how  that mother gave birth to children and how people have families and don’t have many sexual partners, where the world was run by emotions that caused a 9 year war that had an economic collapse.

As we can see Alphas and Betas were focused a lot during the story where they where shown to  be very different as they have freedom to do things lower caste can’t, the upper can have many sexual relationship partners and also enjoy a drug called soma which make them feel happy. Reorganizing society and reconditioning them to do a predestined role in society. In the point of view of the society it is utopian society.

The book was very interesting to read, starting off with very detail of the setting and how technologyand society worked in the book. It shows us hierarchy of power and how each humans from different caste are treated by the society. It also show how society eliminated emotions from lower caste making them like machine working for machine.

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