About Jorge

I’m currently a full-time student at New York City College of Technology, second semester in and fairly new to the college experience. The major I’m in is Mechanical Engineering, I have always been fascinated with all types of machines from planes to cars. In the future, I’ve hoped to work with more machine and learn how they operate. I have helped built robots before during my high school years for underwater robotics competition but never achieved first place. Ever since that, I have always wanted to build another robot that was better. The only hobbies I have are playing video games and taking apart broken machines.

My career goals have not been decided yet but two of my main choices are to work for an aviation company and design parts or to work for an automotive industry and build the latest car. Working toward my career goals will be difficult, but I hope to achieve this in the next 10 years or so. My desire is to change the world by building machines that better society. Maybe some day I will build something straight out of Science Fiction.

An interesting fact about me is that I enjoy food a lot and one day I hope to travel to exotic places and eat the different types of food they have there. I also enjoy playing lots of card games because there are many outcomes to the game. I also play a little of chess from time to time (not a master). One thing I have never done in a long time is physical sports, I enjoy running but not playing sports.

Science Fiction and Mechanical Engineering do have some connection, Science Fiction can inspire the building of machine and one of them that is already coming true is the building of robots. As technology advances some Science Fiction machine could come to a reality. The experience I have with science fiction is the movie The Terminator, where robots gain artificial intelligence and take over the world, this was also my first experience with Science Fiction.

Most of my strengths lie within my reading as I’m able to comprehend what I’m reading and understanding it. My weakness is with my writing because I have poor grammar and also bad structuring when writing and essay. I describe myself as a fairly average thinker and I think when is needed and not to overthink things. Overall writing is not my strong suit and the best I’m good at is reading. I do not enjoy writing because it requires lots of thinking, reading on the other require lot less effort and can be enjoying for me.

Openlab is generally new for and as I explore more there is always new things to try out including blogging, commenting, posting picture and more.

For this semester my expectation is to explore and learn more about Science Fiction may be there is more to Science Fiction than I originally thought. My expectation for this class is similar to English class which require a lot of reading, writing, and thinking.

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