A blessing or a curse?

Laurens character is very different,diffrent for all our other novels never read and up to this point in Parable of the Sower , different from everyone we’ve been introduced too. She has this ability, its not super natural but its not natural either, its very mystical. having the ability to feel what others feel on a physical level, in the time that she lives in is like a crutch. A crutch has the ability to aid you, but it can definetly slows you down. that kind of describes Lauren, her ability can allow her to see the better parts of people but in times of deadly conflict, 9 out of 10 times, she’s balled up uselessly in pain.

Lauren now lives in a kill or be killed world, but she fears killing anything because she gets the feeling of death herself. This is the first of her many challenges. In the chapter four of the book, Lauren over comes her fears and shoots a dog that tried to attack the group, taking it out of its misery. As  stated before, her ability its like a crutch, it can be an aid or a weakness. Here her hyper-empathy allows her to the feel the suffering of the dog, leading to empathy. This empathy causes her to over come her fears, and willingly experence death.”I had felt it die, and yet i had not died.i had felt its pain as though it were a human being.i had felt its life flare and go out, and i was still alive.”(46). At this point lauren is beginning to realize how strong she is , realizing her ability wont lead to death. This first experience of death gives her what she needs to develop as a character who is willing to protect herself and her people at all cost.

growing up to a priest lauren has lived much of her life learning about the bible, she constantly thinks of the  terrible suffering that goes on in her world, leading her to think of the   book of Job, the portion of the Bible that deals with the terrible suffering of a man named Job. “In the book of Job, God says he made everything and he knows everything so no one has any right to question what he does with any of it. Okay. That works. That Old Testament God doesn’t violate the way things are now. But that God sounds a lot like Zeus – a super-powerful man, playing with his toys the way my youngest brothers play with toy soldiers. If they’re yours, you make the rules. Who cares what the toys think. Wipe out a toy’s family, then give it a brand new family.”(16). Lauren unlike Job is against allowing suffering to go on, she wants to change the world she lives in, making it a better place.

She writes in a diary, opening her mind to the harsh realities of life. And in the process of writing her day to day life experiences, she comes to realize she is creating something more, but she isn’t quite sure what it is.”But this thing ,This idea? Philosophy? New religion?, won’t let me alone, won’t let me forget it, won’t let me go. Maybe…. Maybe it’s like my sharing: One more weirdness; one more crazy, deep-rooted delusion that I’m stuck with. I am stuck with it. And in time, I’ll have to do something about it. In spite of what my father will say or do to me, in spite of the poisonous rottenness outside the way where I might be exiled, I’ll have to do something about it. That reality scares me to death.”(26). She acknowledges the new ” religion” she’s starting will be opposed greatly by her father, yet she continues. Her ambitions surrounding her new philosophy go beyond keeping them personal, it is no longer enough, she wants to share it. Which could lead to something great for the good people still lest in the world.


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