Parallel universes

For my final project, I’d like to research the concept of parallel universes. the connection of parallel universes, the proof, and our everyday lives, showing how parallel universe might be a possibility, and the proof might be right before our eyes.

A parallel universe is a hypothetical self-contained reality co-existing with one’s own ( I would like to explore the science behind parallel universes. in other words, proof that is out there showing its possible existence. I’ve seen multiple movies about parallel universes and inter-dimensional travel, Sliders and Doctor who for example. And this always interested me, we are surrounded by a vast number of universes and galaxies so many that we can’t even count. there’s a theory that it’s possible to travel between these universes to parallel realities without even realizing. Worlds that are just like our own but with slight changes. Perhaps there are other Universes with different versions of ourselves, different histories and alternate outcomes, than our own. In other worlds, would it be possible that there’s a Universe out there where everything happened exactly as it did in this one, except you did one tiny thing different, and hence had your life turn out incredibly different as a result?( 

ill list a few examples


 where you enter a situation, or do an action or see something, and get the feeling that it’s happened before. Even more strange is Deja vecu, which is the feeling that you know what’s going to happen next, too. Then there’s alter vu, which is when someone remembers their history differently. Even freakier in this case is that they realize the world around them is unfamiliar, because they recognize both the history they recall, and the one that’s unfolding around them at the same time. It’s like a more extreme version of Deja vu, with the implication that these feelings are perhaps actually €œmemories€ from other versions of ourselves, in other universes. (


The craziest part of our everyday lives nobody can explain, though are dreams. What the heck are dreams? Nobody knows. They could be the brain, as it rests, sorting through thoughts, memories and anxieties; they could just be the random firings of synapses; they could be some sort of mix of the two, the sleeping brain trying to put an assortment of images into a working narrative. The fourth option, meanwhile, is that entering REM sleep is the closest we can get to viewing the alternate worlds that are usually beyond our comprehension, like windows into other worlds. (


One of the more scientific explanations for the appearance of spectral, ghostly figures is that they’re something beyond the usual realm of human understanding, beings that we’re not usually attuned to, or who don’t usually make their presence known. In which case, they could be some bleed through from an alternate world or reality, a bunch of misfiring electrons that have landed on the wrong plane of existence. Or there could be an alternate universe populated by the deceased(


The Mandela Effect is one of the internet’s recently popular conspiracy theories that has been messing with all of our brains. This phenomenon is when thousands of people with no relation to each other have the exact same collective misremembering of the same event. Some think it may be due to the shifting of parallel universes. Perhaps we all once lived in a universe where things were slightly different and we still remember it that original way but are now in a reality where things are different. for example a popular household air freshener, “Febreeze” is seen by a lot of people every single day, but Since when was it spelled “febreze” with only one “e”? According to the Mandela effect if you remember it as “Febreeze” opposed to “Febreze” you might just be from different realities. (


for my updated proposal, I tried my best to make it clearer what my vision was. I listed examples of some of the things I could possibly present and tried to tie in back into the parallel universe theory. I’ve learned through research that there is a lot of hard core scientific research and lighter easier to comprehend examples out there. I’m very interested in both but in not sure what I should go deeper into, I don’t want my presentation to be boring, I want it to be exciting, interesting, an eye opener and a moment of realization for some. so I need the classes opinion on this one.


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