Class notes- 12/3

REMINDER: Every week, the 3 things (meeting minutes, meeting Agenda, Progress report) have to be posted to blog an dropbox

Final Write-up/Report will have to have your minutes in your appendix

W 12/10: Complete first draft of Write-up/Report(submit to dropbox as a pdf. file by 12/9 11:59pm), Peer Review, BRING 6 PRINTED COPIES OF YOUR DRAFT

W 12/17: Final Write-up/Report due( 12-15 pg. collaborative report with appendix, double-spaced, bring in portfolio with marked first drafts, Post on dropbox), Final Presentation, Final Personal Reflection

Success- W 12/10 2:00pm
Board Game- W 12/10 2:30pm
Success- W 12/10 5:30pm
Computer Club- TH 12/11 11:30am
Video Game- TH 12/11 12:00pm

Main Deliverable- Final Write-up/Report: 12-15 pg. (of WRITTEN work) Report

a) Agendas/Minutes/Progress-> by Week
b) Revised Proposal/ Annotated Bibliography (minimum of 6 sources for groups of 3 and 8 sources for groups of 4)
c) Full Survey
d) Results from Data
e) Deliverables
*Appendix not part of page minimum/maximum*

You’re Final Write-up/Report should have:
a) Cover Page
b) Table of Contents
c) Report Appendices
d) Work Cited

You can add images
Assume readers know nothing about your project

Intro: Clarifying focus of project, Clarify key terms, Clarify argument
Background Information section *Research heavy section
Discussion of the data( Usability testing/Survey Results)
Conclusion( Set of recommendations for the future/Moving Forward)

Professor Belli is open to meet to discuss sentence level knowledge, transitions,grammar, etc…

Total: 50%
Write-up= 30%
Presentation= 10% ( slides clear, work cited, introduction, 15 minutes long, Dress professionally?*, Everyone must speak, practice giving presentation, time yourself)
Relection= 10% (Private, print our before class, Don’t post to dropbox/blog)

Reminder- This day was a meeting so add it to your meeting/agenda/progress report