Progress Report#3 Ivan, Rene, Enrique, Iurii

The week of 11/18/2014-11/25/2014 has been a very significant, because as we had much more time Following things were done during and between our class on 11/19/2014 and as well our meeting, which was on Friday virtually. Some of the most significant progresses are:

  • the research implementation. As a suggestion of Prof. Belli, we have decided to include facts in the game flashcards. Some of the facts may be paraphrased in order to make them more fun for children, for instance:”The word engineer comes from a Latin word meaning ‘cleverness’. ” and more in this manner. So Iurii Has been doing the research part, and has gathered facts, some of which will be presented in presentation;
  • We have  as well, as it was planned, started to build a prototype of the game. As it was decided earlier in the class, Enrique has gotten all of the parts and supplies needed in order to assemble the backbone of the game and present it to the class. It will be able to illustrate how the electric part will operate in the game;
  • We have as well started on planning of our deliverables, which will have two main components. As we have decided it will be for kids and separate for teachers. We already started on doing it, this week, starting with our research and it’s relation to the game.
  • This week, we also have took pictures of the process of assembly, so that we will create a better readable manual for teachers. Pictures were taken by Enrique and Rene, as they have most of the process done.
  • As well Ivan, has been doing design of the deliverables and rules. He also had ideas about the presentation, so he has created the file and layout, while Rene, Enrique and Iurii had written in the content each for their own part and Ivan for his.

To wrap it all, most of the work of this week, we have dedicated to the physical parts, assembly and design of the game to start working on the fully functional prototype. As well for the documentation parts gathering all of the necessary info. and components like images and illustration for our audience. Finally, we together have worked on the presentation, through the google documents, which was synchronous.