Last but not least! My introduction.

Let’s see here. Name is Ogulcan but its pronounced OlJohn. Or just call me John to make life easier. I was born in Istanbul, Turkey and that is where my originates from. Our alphabet is different than here so that’s why my name looks more scary. I’m currently majoring in Computer Systems like most of the others. This is my junior year and I’m hoping to graduate in the next year to come! I’m trying to pursue a career in IT networking, security, and database field. I always loved computers and it’s the future of life so why not have a job in it?

My hobbies include traveling the world, soccer, videos games once in a while when I have my free time, swimming, walking. Basically what any other human being loves. I also love cooking! Maybe in the future, I would love to pursue a second career in culinary and maybe be the next Gordon Ramsay!

Hmmmm I think that is it for now! I’m sure more secrets will be revealed throughout the semester! Hope to learn a lot in this course and I’m sure that without a doubt I will!

Thank you,