Enrique Who?!

Hello, my name is Enrique Bisono  I’m currently attending New York City College of Technology City University of New York. I am working on my bachelors in  Electrical Engineering and Technology. I still haven’t decided if I’m going to purse a masters degree but if the opportunity comes along I will. While I am a full time student I am also the stock manager at Aldo Shoes.

When the spring semester had finished my friends and family and I had tons of plans of how we thought our summer was going to be; weddings, birthday parties, pool parties and lots and lots of tanning. However, as we all know and have experienced things in life just don’t as planned. So during this summer I mostly worked and barely had any fun until memorial day weekend when we started it off by going to electric zoo then ended it by going to a family tipico party. What I plan on doing this semester is studying really hard to boost up my grade point average and i also plan on looking for an internship or a job in my field. 

Since I barely have any picture of myself on my MacBook I posted a picture of my fixed gear bicycle which I named Roxanne and who turned 2 on August 2nd.  I ride my bike to work everyday and i sometimes I ride to school but i get really really paranoid when i ride to school because I always think someone is going to steal her.



My strength as a writer is that I believe I always have really good topics to write about. My weakness as a writer is that I don’t do much of it to really gain experience that is is needed. My background with technology is really good especially since that we live in the 21st century technology is all around us. In class my group and I had said that technical writing is basically dumbing it down for people who don’t know too much about technology. What i hope to learn from this class is how to exactly do the dumbing down.