spiritus gladius

Hello, as you can probably see, my name  is Iurii, in the country I’ve came from people/friends usually call me Ura, but that is a different story. I’ve been in the United States since 2010, more than four years now trying to improve my english, which is a little goal of mine. I am not a really good at studying, however, I rather like to have practical knowledge rather than theoretical. Here it is plenty of practical English for me, that’s great.

I and my family were lucky to come “Unto a land flowing with milk and honey”(Exodus 33:3) Well, many people would probably argue with me about such a positive description, but USA is certainly better than many of the lands out there. Any way, since comming here I was set with goals and objectives to get a decent education and, eventually, be a selfpropelled working machine:D just kidding. But, I really want to be able to keep myself and people I love alive, and in good material position during the times I’ve gotten.

Hopefully, I will work in the IT field and be able to fulfill all of the job’s criterias and as some of my plans. Thats basically why I am here. Besides, I have this thought that some time in the future computerized machines or robots might capture the primacy of the humanity in this world, so it will be very useful to know about computers, if you know what I mean.

I like sports and physical challenges, in particular soccer and also working out in the streets, parks etc. I also like reading, one of my favorites is “The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak. I also enjoy to compose some guitar music and lyrics. I like music, of course, and one of my favorite contemporary artists is Ben Howard, here is a great video on the music he does. (Hopefully you will see the inserted video, if not, the video can be seen HERE )




Another hobby I have is photography, here is my photo of the silhouettes of the dark New York City.

Over the years I have noticed that one of my weaknesses in writing is that I have no patience to craft my writing as it should be crafted. I do not like revising it or reviewing, searching for missed letter or punctual, grammatical, and all of the mistakes that there can be. That is also a challenge for me to force myself actually do the procedure of revising, and this is great. I like that it is challenging. Technology is everywhere, we all use it all the time…right now, me writing this post is a one instance. Technical writing is probably something related to professional writing, to work-related situations. I, honestly, do not want to spoil the magic of not knowing what to expect, for myself. So I’ll let this river to carry me away, as far as it tends to. Indeed it will be a challenge for me and a pleasure to expand that tiny brain of mine.

Thank You.