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Disney Journal#1 Jan 12

This Monday is my first day in Disney. When I get Vista Way I am surprised that there is a long line in the welcome center. People here are more exciting than I am, they can’t wait to visit and work in Disney. Their positive attitude and motivation make me believe that we will create magic and happiness in Disney together. In the traditions class, we visit Magic Kingdom to see what are Disney four keys–safety, show, efficiency and courtesy apply for.

On Friday, I go to my workplace–Yacht&Beach Club Resort. Everybody there is so nice and friendly. We take a tour to see resort’s cleaning room, fine dining restaurant, beautiful pool, entertainment place and the amazing yacht and beach. My work position is housekeeping, I learn the high five techniques that make my work more easier and safer, because the safety is the most important part in the Disney four keys, I will remember: safety begins with me.