I got my feedback from our manager yesterday, one of her comment about me is to think over during working. This is my first job to work in a hotel for four months, I believe I should get more experience in this industry to think over. It is not a easy job.

My story here is while I was doing turn-down service one day, I knock a guest’s door. When the door is opened, I see an old lady and her son with their panic faces. What happen? I ask them whether they need my turn-down service or not politely, and the lady says they don’t this service and her son lost his wallet. That’s why they look unhappy. I tell them they can punch the phone in their room to call Lost and Found, if the gentleman lost his wallet in our parks or resort, we might can find it for him. My words must remind him something, he goes to our concierge to ask immediately. Couple minutes later when I meet them again in the hallway, I ask, is everything good? The old lady comes to me and seizes my excitedly,  saying they find the wallet! I am happy to hear this good news, my help might be Insignificant, but I am glad to see a smile on every guest’s face.

My manager’s story is she is in park one day and she sees a little girl is crying so badly. She takes out her mickey stickers and speaks loudly: excuse me, I need somebody help me to give these mickey stickers to the smiling people! The little girl hears it and rises her hand with her tears. My manager walks to her and asks her, you sure you can do this? The little girl nods her head strongly. My manager says, I give you a hint about how to find  people who is smiling: when you smile to them first they will smile back! And then the little girl wipes her tear immediately and blossoms a beautiful smiling flower on her face.

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