This week I finish my two Disney classes. I take final test for Human Resource Management and give a perfect ending with my group presentation for Experiential Learning, I am happy to hear that my instructor love my Build-A-Bear story as our introduction of presentation.

Our CPs don’t like to go to Villas to help clean rooms for an hour and half, and I don’t know some of housekeepers don’t like us either. One day three of us are in the Villas office waiting for manager to give us the assignment, she calls a housekeeper who already in a room to start to clean and asks her if she needs any help. The housekeeper says of course I need help but not College Program! All of us feel a kind of embarrassed after hearing this, the manager says that is all I have right now! I think the reason they don’t like us to help is we are the new. Even though we work here almost four months, we are still not familiar every step and detail of cleaning Villas rooms. Sometimes after we dust or vacuum, the housekeepers will do these again, they don’t trust our work performance and it makes me frustrated to help them.

Housekeeping looks like a job to do, but I am still learning how to finish a room quick, clean and has a perfect looking.

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