Safety begins with everybody! Last night while I started to work, I opened a linen room’s door and stepped out. Suddenly a housekeeping car ran to me and stopped just in front of me in a second, because the speed of the car changed so quickly by a housekeeper, a drawer on the car fell down immediately and a lot of stuff scattering on the floor of the hallway, including the broken glasses. I helped the housekeeper to pick up everything except the broken glasses because I knew it was unsafe for me to touch the broken glasses by my bare hands. However I saw a couple with their child were going to their room and stopped because our housekeeping cars blocked their way. I found the lady was walking without shoes, I reminded her that there were small pieces broken glasses on the floor and she should be very careful when she was walking. I know this housekeeper is in rush to go home because she finishes her job late, but the safety is the number one key which is repeated everyday during our work, especially we don’t want to see our guests to have this kind of bad experience in Disney.

I am a lucky CP to have second round-table and the person we meet is our general manger Mim. We only have an hour to talk with her, she focuses our training, transportation and housing. CPs complain a lot of apartments’ condition and inspection, and she concerns every detail we share with her. Mim works for Disney more than 40 years, we really want to know her experience with Disney and get some advise from her, I believe everyone has bunch of questions for her, but the time is too short to talk more with her, that is the only pity we have for this wonderful meeting.

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