About Me

My name is Zhenyun Wu.  I am a very outgoing person, but I still like to have my relaxation time. For fun I like to hangout with my friend and family. I chose dental hygiene as a career because I have always wanted to do something  in the medical field to help others around me. I used to want to be a RN but I didn’t want to work the long hours at the hospitals. I worked as an Orthodontic dental assistant for 4  years. Also, I worked in a private dental office for a year and really enjoyed working in that kind of environment. I learned at this office the importance of team work, customer service, patient care, and the workings of a dental office. I worked with a wonderful team of highly skilled professionals that took the time to challange and encourage me to follow my dream of becoming a dental hygienist.


A successful career begins with proper an education. The first step of my goal to be a dental hygienist will be to obtain an Associate Degree of dental hygiene program from City Tech College. Dental hygiene is the ideal career for me, and this is my chosen path. The combination of a team-oriented environment and helping patient’s oral health is what has taken me down this path.