Personal Flag Project

The piece displayed here¬†was made for a project on creating art based on the wishes of a client. In this case, I created a flag based on the client’s personality and interests after talking with them. As part of the project, I was to take those traits, and represent them in a manner that was somewhat abstract, but still recognizable.

In this case, the client had noted that he enjoyed films, road trips, and e-sports. I chose to represent those in various levels of abstract representation. The road trips are represented by the center triangle, and taper out towards the right to represent traveling into the distance. The interest in e-sports was represented more literally, as I chose to use a trophy with a game controller on it, and the film was represented by the “film strip” running along the left side.

The client also described himself as extroverted, and I chose to represent that using the colors in the flag. In this case, it’s dominated by a light blue, which I used to symbolize the sky, and openness, both being elements related to an extroverted nature.