Virtual Field Trip

Poetic Water, Cao Jun

Today we visited the virtual “Blue” exhibition at Nassau County Museum of Art. I like this piece that was showed the exhibition very much because I personally like blue and violet color. This piece reminded me of the beauty of the ocean and how mysterious is the ocean. The mixture of different kinds of blue and white gave viewers a sense of layering and depths. The combination of the different blue colors and white color also gave me an image of the sea wave in motion that brought me both fear and calm. In conclusion, it was a mixture of tranquil and turbulent.

Flora’s Feast: A Masque of Flowers, Walter Crane

This book Flora’s Feast was illustrated and written by Walter Crane. I found this piece in a virtual exhibition in Cooper Hewitt. The flowers that Crane illustrated were beautiful and Crane also showed the details of the flowers. Crane used flowing lines and saturated colors to depict the flowers. The interactions between the humans and flowers that Crane illustrated are also interesting which makes me think of they must be having a celebration event. Crane also put the features of the plant on humans and the typography. In this way, the integration between the type and illustrations became more interesting.

Leaf-shaped Wooden Tray, Émile Gallé

This piece is also in Cooper Hewitt from Émile Gallé was made of wood. The streamlines on the edge looked real. Besides, Émile Gallé also carved some plants for decoration on the surface of the leave. The details of the leaf were carefully carved by the artist including the extruded line that lay in the middle of the leaf and the streamlines that at the edge of the leaf. The light and shadow that all of the details created make this piece became more realistic. In addition, because of the material, there is some natural pattern that makes this piece more attractive and organic.

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