Reflection (Aesthetic Mapping)

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For project 4, I expected it to be challenging to find a unique route because downtown Brooklyn is an area that seems to have more buildings than trees (in my opinion). However, it was a fun experience even though I would’ve preferred to do it in the spring or summer- where nature is more recognized […]

The Pitch (Revised)

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What can one really obtain from using the same quick path every day to and from City Tech? First, the person has to know that there is something you can get out of walking a different route to the subway or to City Tech. Downtown Brooklyn and the Brooklyn Heights area are neighborhoods one can […]

BHS Research

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The trip to the Brooklyn Historical Society was a great learning experience for me because I learned a lot about Brooklyn that I didn’t know before. There were a lot of primary resources including the maps which were what we focused on. The lady explained that the room was chilly because the primary resources had […]