English 1101 Project 1 – Bio

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I am a freshman at City Tech majoring in Art and Advertising Design. My passion for art and fashion design has grown since I was in middle school. I get inspired by looking at other designs and just by everyday life. When I become inspired I draw or sketch because I want to. That’s my passion. From drawing to fashion design, I wanted to try something new. I’ve never taken an advertising design course but I wanted to expand my options in the arts field. I want to be able to sketch out my designs, actually design them, and market & advertise them. This involves researching, choosing materials and looking at retail samples. I have made a couple of garments with fabric paint and sewing. I’ve also taken apart a shoe and redesigned it. In about five years I want to have made clothes that I can sell online. In ten years I want my own shop to broadcast and sell my finished work and I want a bachelor’s degree in Art and Advertising to help me achieve that.

My consideration for my avatar is a picture of three sketches of models in three different dresses: my design aesthetic. I like designing mostly dresses when it comes to clothing. Each dress is a different color, different style and all three are past the knees. The image represents me in displaying the elegance of the eveningwear and my passion for designing dresses. However that isn’t the only thing I like to draw. For my header on my ePortfolio site I’m considering using a picture of a shoe I drew while attending the High School of Fashion Industries. It’s a pencil drawing of a still life that I used lines and shading to complete. The shoe will represent my passion for art and fashion at the same time.

Other people have different perspectives which is why someone may view my avatar or header differently. It is a picture of 3 Asian models wearing dresses. One might say I have interest in designing specifically Asian clothing based on my avatar. Others might say I actually sketched it, when I didn’t. I would sketch something like this but I wouldn’t take the actual drawing and use it for my own production. I could take ideas from it. For example, the first dress on the left has loose ruffles from the knee to the bottom and a slit on the side to show off her leg. I could design another dress that’s a different color with a slit at the top instead of the bottom and feathers or pleats instead of ruffles. For my header picture, the shoe, one might think I designed the shoe myself when I actually picked up an ugly shoe from a pile of shoes, sat in front of it and sketched it almost the exact same way making it look outstanding.

Overall, my profile is based on basic fashion design and sketching. My passion for drawing started in elementary school, then fashion seriously took my interest in middle school. People like Diane Von Furstenberg inspire me and I want to continue to learn in the Art and Advertising field at City Tech. I hope it can help further my passions and goals. Having fashion design as a profession can better my chances of meeting models and/or other fashion designers. I can’t see myself in any other career so I chose this one. My profile will convey that I’m creative, open minded and willing to do what it takes to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Art and Advertising to move on to a big career.

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