Assignment # 6

Vanessa Gallego             Assignment #6

ARCH 1121

Prof. Zagaroli

Clerestory- A wall with windows exposed above the roof of the side aisle

Triforium-The wall at the side of the nave, choir, or transept, that corresponds with the space between the vaulting, ceiling, and the roof of an aisle

Gallery- An upper story over the aisle which opens onto the nave or choir

Aisle- Portion of a church or basilica that parallels or encircles the major sections of the structure

Arcade-¬†A part of a building’s structure with a series of arches supported by columns or piers

Flyer- An arch that connects a flying buttress into the structure it supports

Buttress- Projecting from the face of a wall and serving either to strengthen it or to resist the side thrust created by the load on an arch or a roof

Crypt- A stone chamber beneath the floor of a church or other building

Rose Window- Decorated circular window often glazed with stained glass

Lancet- Is a variety of pointed arch in which each of the arcs, or curves, of the arch have a radius longer than the width of the arch

Tracery- The stonework elements that support the glass in a Gothic window

Quadripartite- A groined vault over a rectangular area

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