Writing Assignment #1

An Essay of Introduction

Write 100 to 200 word essay about yourself.

Maybe discuss some of your classes, your interests, or just how things are going since the pandemic changed everything.

Please add to this thread or reply to post your writing.

Provide a heading with your name, date, class, and title.  Write with intent, giving the reader some insight into part of what makes you unique.  Be clear, use paragraphs to structure your essay, and give it a read through before posting.  Standard font size and type, and double spacing are appreciated.

Writing Assignment 4

writing assignment #4  Greek

Writing Assignment #4-(Only type-written work will be accepted) Excel

Assigned: October 6, 2020

Due: October 13, 2020  Email rzagaroli@citytech.cuny.edu

Working from Left to Right, Make a chart of all the different building typologies that we have seen so far on the Acropolis in Greece: (Refer to your textbook, notes, and ppts as needed)

1. For each building typology, list all the structures that you think fit within it

2. For each structure, give period, date, and location

3. Draw a small Key plan and elevation adjacent to each structure noted. Label them as PLAN, ELEVATION, and with north arrows as needed.

4. Mark the last column of the chart as COMMENTS, and for each typology, see if you can list commonalities and differences between the structures you chose.

This assignment will be most easily done in Excel or using the chart or graph features of MS Word.