Flamur Dellovci In-Class Assignment (Architectural Achievements Over Time)

From 30,000 BCE to 1,000 CE, civilizations have been improving steadily over time; at the beginning of architectural history, times in between architectural achievements were slow to start. But overtime, once we get into Egyptian architecture do we see acceleration in appreciation for architects and their innovative ideas for designing structures and spaces. With this, people tended to travel further distances over time which helped others see other forms of architecture and eventually be inspired by this either by Kings or rulers who looked to flex their power through the structures they’ve built and show off how impressive they were. Eventually, overtime, in shorter time spans, architecture started speeding up in different eras such as the Romans, Gothic architecture. With technology progressing and architecture becoming more pronounced we find that inventions in architecture and design only increase. Engineers coming up with more innovative ways to achieve daring conceptual designs by architects, we see that more and more achievements are being met in shorter time spans. In only the last 1000 years have we achieve the most in our architectural history, from different materials used to different innovative ways to represent time periods and turn living spaces into more habitable places. What used to be only accessible to only rulers, architecture is now readily available to anyone who has any reasonable amount of money and a vision to achieve that, thus a faster rate of architectural achievements in modern history. What helps with this is using past architectural achievements to help accelerate the knowledge of how to design and further improve and innovate with new ideas. It was slower at the start with nothing to look upon other than the ground and the trees around it to come up with making habitable spaces.


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