Flamur Dellovci In-Class Assignment (Parthenon)


Flamur Dellovci

In-Class Writing Assignment

Create a dialogue talking to the Parthenon.

The Parthenon is quite important in Greek architecture as it was built for Athena in a time when gods were revered as beautiful mystical beings that ruled over the land and the people. It’s made mostly of columns that are Doric in design, with less ornamentation in its capital. It was considered the most beautiful piece of architecture in its time, although copied quite frequently in revival Greek architecture. Personally, I consider it to be quite bland but I understand its importance and extraordinary feat of architectural beauty and proportional consideration. One of the more interesting aspects of this structure is how it was intended to be viewed; the Greeks designed it to be viewed in 360 degrees before you ever reached the structure itself. Parthenon, amazing structure to view in all 360 degrees of the Acropolis it stands on, a mountain top made to view a structure created beautifully outside and to stand out amongst the Greek skies. What is now missing of you, the color, the fresh marble, roof tiles and the Statue of Athena, still has us wondering what you looked like in your peak form. It’s hard to appreciate you without seeing you the way the Architect intended to.


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