Flamur Dellovci Assignment #1

Flamur Dellovci

The first structure that I sketched was the Federal Court Building, which is an institutional building has a massive scale and size in the Downtown Brooklyn area. It’s primarily made of stone and glass and the first floor is designed mostly to accommodate a large entrance that directs into many other areas into the building. The roof is very flat and shares similarities to the rest of the building’s design. The rhythm of the building is entirely vertical with the exception of the main entrance glass cylinder. There are also very few overhangs and recesses that appear from the building itself with the exception of a multi-spire edge of the rooftop in the building on Tillary St. There is hardly any ornamentation but a heavy use of glass on the main entrance that is highly reflective against the sun.

The second structure that I sketched was a Post-Disaster housing structure on Cadman Plaza West not too far from the Federal Court Building. It is an institutional building as well; it serves as a museum to the general public to view what the conceptual structure would be like. It is very different from its surroundings, it almost seems like it doesn’t belong in its location. Albeit, the space it does sit on it uses very well to compliment the rest of structure. It seems to be made of various but durable looking materials such as lightweight steel covering the outside, possibly more rigid structure on the inside and glass. Each floor shares a nearly identical look as the other, it’s almost like giant separate structures were placed on top of each other. There aren’t many windows, but the windows that are there are large. There is a built staircase on the side that helps get to the different levels, otherwise there is nothing that hangs outside the structure. There is various colors that appear somewhat pleasing to the eye with gray being the primary color while yellow highlights the balconies.

These two buildings, while very different they share a similarity of being institutional structures. There sizes are vastly different, with the post-disaster housing structure being very small in size in comparison to the Federal Court Building, which is massive in size and shows extraordinary use of rhythm and a high use of vertical. The Federal Court Building also looks to be made to last and shows its superiority with its size and use of stone while the post-disaster housing was built with a specific purpose in mind and was designed to not look as unpleasing as they could make it.

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