Network/Webinar Event #3 – Tips on “How to work from home” with Sarajean Chung

I attend another Clip Studio Paint webinar, and this time is about how to work from home by Sarajean Chung. This webinar is perfect for people who have no motivation to work on their projects. Sarajean Chung, AKA TheOneWithBear, is a freelance and twitch streamer illustrator. She works in both digital and traditional illustration.

In this one hour webinar, she shares her tips and experience of working from home. She talks about her journey as an artist. Chung then explains her way on how to keep her busy and productive by playing her favorite game called Animal Crossing: New Horizon.

She has another video about tips on working from home. This video is more informative for people who do need some tips on how to work from home.

There isn’t more for me to say about this webinar because everything she mentions I already have done it before. Before the pandemic, I’m always alone in my house and doing my projects. However, I do have a pet rabbit to keep me company. I’m very adapted to the idea of working from home. I had people thinking I’ll go crazy for staying at home 24/7 without going outside, but now everybody is doing the same thing as I did before the pandemic.

My personal tips on what keeping me sane and productive when working from home are: listen to music as I’m drawing or doing a project, play a few hours of video games, and watch videos.