Production Day #5

March 18th 2017

Today was our fourth day of shooting. We filmed about a minute of the script. It was a productive day as we got a lot of important shots. Today I experimented more with shadows and different shooting angles. Production did end a bit early as my talent wasn’t feeling very well. I also had the chance to go over some footage with the film editor where we decided on what needs to be re-shot and what shots we can use for transitions. All in all it was a productive shooting day. We will be back next week to shoot some more.

Above from left: A1 (Charlie), Director (Yarie) and Actor (Makyla)

Production Day #4

March 4th 2017 

Today was our third day of shooting. So far we are on schedule and moving forward to the completion of this production. I’ve been working really hard on creating storyboard that are clear to both talent and crew. Storyboards have facilitated the shooting process as it guides me as to what will be shot next. This has also provided my actor with a clearer understanding as images speak better than words. This week we got to shoot some really fun stuff. My actor was a great team player and so was my crew. I’ve decided to give my talent a weekend off. Production will resume in two weeks. Cheers to my amazing crew and talent! Thank you!

Above: From left; Lead actor (Makyla) attempts to eat slate, slate, Deandra

Production Day #3

Feb. 25th 2017 

Today was our second day of shooting. Talent and crew reported to location bright and early and we got to work right away. Today’s shooting day was not as challenging as our first day, and we mainly shot stills. I am learning more about how to work with exposure and lighting for the camera. My talent has become more comfortable with the production team and that’s all I really hoped for. All in all, today was a successful shooting day as we have met and completed our shooting schedule for this week.

Above: From left; Deandra, slate, and lead actor (Makyla)

Production Day #2

Feb. 18th 2017

Today we began shooting. Overall it went very well, better than what I expected. This is my first “big” project with both a crew and designated talent (I usually just shoot verite of everyday people). In today’s production day I was exposed to my talent’s working limit and attention span. I am directing a child so it does get a bit complicated at times as I want to always remain patient and understanding of their limitations. No better way of learning how to direct, than to direct a child for your first film. It was a great day of learning and shooting! Cheers!

Above: Lead actor makes a climb!

Production Day #1

 Feb. 4th 2017

Today the crew and talent finally met. This was a very important day as it is incredibly important for the talent to feel comfortable with both the crew and the equipment around her. We all met on location and read over the script. We were able to rehearse some movements, camera positions and lighting. In the next two weeks we will start shooting officially.

Above: Makyla (lead actor) rehearsing movement/scene