Course Description

This course is an introductory survey of today’s complex and consistently transforming fashion and textiles business environment. A survey of fashion wholesale and retail environments will be explored to offer students a clear understanding of various textiles types with an emphasis on its interaction with fashion merchandisers, buyers, and retailers. Students acquire basic knowledge of fibers, yarns, cloth construction, finishes, and embellishments necessary to determine quality and to make appropriate fabric choices for contemporary fashion apparel and home furnishings.

By taking this course, Yelissa is capable of doing any job delaing with textiles, research, or heavy analysis.

Below is Yelissa’s textile term project:

Comparing fabrics and fibers

To demonstrate our knowledge in textiles, the class was instructed to research a history making garment from a movie recreated in two different decades (before 1980 and after 2000). The goal was to identify the garment purpose in the movie and how the material used for it helped accomplish that goal.

Figure 3. Olivia Newton John in Grease (1975)
Figure 4. Julianne Houghe in Grease:LIVE! (2016)

Here is the Sandy Olsson in Grease and Grease LIVE PDF

For this project, Yelissa chose the character Sandy Olson, the good girl from Grease (1975) when she strutted over to the dark side in her dark new leather garb! Luckily, the live television remake called Grease:LIVE! came out during the start of the Spring 2016 semester so she compared it to that.

The research was tough, but Yelissa discovered that Olivia Newton-John (Grease 1975 actress for Sandy) actually wore too tight leather pants while Julianne Houghe (Grease:Live!’s Sandy) wore skin clinging nylon pants.

The main purpose for Newton-John ‘s pants was to be sexy, but Houghe’s bottoms were a lot more accommodating and allowed her to look sexy and perform with no worries. As actresses and dancers, these two had completely different experiences in this iconic outfit which is is now a symbol for ‘bad girls’ and sexiness.