Trend Forecasting

Course Description

This course is an overview and analysis of current color, fiber, and fashion trends, as well as their impact upon sales forecasting. Students research, analyze, and develop fashion forecasts related to specific seasons in the apparel industry.

By taking this course, Yelissa learned how to look at large amounts of data to create a prediction companies can use to stay current and profitable

Here is Yelissa’s course project:

Trend Forecast

For this project, students formed groups to create their own trend forecast for a garment of their choice for either women or men. Since trend forecasting is done in advance, students created it for Fall 2020. The trend forecast needed to contain an analysis of what the trends for that article of clothing was now and what it used to be to understand what it will be in the future. Based on this research, the students explained how and why the fabric, styling, color, fit and silhouette of the garment changed and designed what the garment would look like.

For this project, Yelissa’s group choose to create their Fall 2020 forecast report for women’s blazers for work and casual wear. To predict these styles, the group noticed more media attention and protesting for women’s rights. By aligning the progression of the women’s movement, strong/iconic figures of America with past and current fashion, Yelissa’s group created the following report. Yelissa was in charge of designs, design history, and silhouette. Each style is summarized below.

The Doyenne

  • Meaning “a woman who is the most respected or prominent person in a particular field” (Lexico, 2018)
  • Draws from the 1980’s padded power shoulders women adopted from men to look more dominant in the work place
  • Silhouette: Inverted triangle shape maximizes the size of the shoulders, making the waist look smaller and more feminine. Unusually long sleeves are the new symbol of power, demonstrated by Vetements
  • Fit: Belt accentuates feminine figure and is a style borrowed from the 80’s
  • Style: Worn similar to the 80’s working woman for professionalism. To be more casual, the Doyenne could be worn with jeans to look street style worthy
  • Color: 2020 is the year for presidential election. In the past, bold and vivacious colors were seen during these years and will continue to be so alongside tranquil blue symbolizing the communities wish for piece. Colors for 2020 are Dynamic Violet, Buoyant Blue, Gentle lavender, and Soft Cornflower

The Business-Cool

  • Inspired by the youthfulness and rebellious style of the leather blazers from the 1990’s
  • Silhouette: A combination of the 90’s formfitting casual work wear and the longer length blazers from Fall 2018
  • Fit: Leather is typically used for biker jackets. The fit was changed from the masculine and boxy shoulders to one with lightly curved shoulders and a tapered waist fr a more feminine look
  • Style: Unlike traditional blazers, the Business-Cool (BC) faux leather fabric makes the wearer look cool and chic. Looks great with a slit dress, jeans or slack
  • Color: Similar to the 90’s, Fall 2020’s leather blazer will be available in neutrals to not push the envelope. The style will come in Grains of Sand, Sailboat, Cloudy Skies, and Calm Waters.

Cowgirl Chic

  • Designed in response to growing cowboy trend which stems from the 1940’s American cowboy films
  • Silhouette: Resembling the square shape of cowboy blazers, Cowgirl Chic adds to it the classiness of the 3/4 sleeves from the classic Chanel suit jacket
  • Fit: Structured shoulders give the illusion of shoulder pads. It is possible to incorporate buttons into the design but it will be frequently worn open without buttons
  • Style: Instead of going full on cowgirl, wearers will deescalate the look by wearing it similar to the Chanel suit
  • Color: Creams and browns will be popular because of their relations to the cowboy uniform. Almond, White Chocolate, Cinnamon, and Mocha will be the names of the Fall 2020 colors

Sheer Simplicity

  • Influenced by the sheer clothing worn during the 1960’s in response to women’s need for freedom and independence
  • Silhouette: Single breasted blazer with one button creates subtle hourglass shape
  • Fit: relaxed yet showing the natural of a women’s waist due to light fabric
  • Style: Worn with a silk dress and heels for a night out or with a blouse tucked into cropped trousers
  • Color: Following its retro heritage, the Sheer Simplicity blazer will come in bright hues called Morning Glory, Pink Peony, Bluebell, and Lotus

Disco Fever

  • Inspired by the 1970’s when marginalized people of America fought for equality. The youth used disco to escape problematic atmosphere of the times
  • Silhouette: Changes from Fall 2018’s rectangular 70’s inspired blazer. Disco Fever will have a natural hourglass shape by contouring to the chest and lightly flaring out at the waist
  • Fit: Form fitting with full length sleeves to create a subtle yet sexy blazer
  • Style: Worn with simple blouse and favorite jeans with the Disco Fever draped on the shoulders
  • Color: Sequin will be featured in eye catching colors such ass Electric Blue, Prince, Disco Ball, and Bumblebee