Get to Know Yelissa

Yelissa Vasquez is an energetic, creative, and caring individual hailing from the Bronx. From when Yelissa was a little girl and got in trouble for cutting fringe-like strips from her blue cheetah print shorts to her high school days when she was interested in finding out where the Japanese Lolita style started, a little trail of fashion crumbs lead her to earning her bachelor’s degree in Business and Technology of Fashion.

Throughout Yelissa’s studies, she focused on honing in her marketing and creative skills which assisted in her professional experiences. So far, she’s interned for Mode PR, World Bride Magazine, and Hatch Collection, all while working at her latest employer Uniqlo.

Known to be adaptive, resourceful, and self-reliant yet a team player, Yelissa has made it her business to care for her community. Ever since high school, Yelissa has volunteered for several community projects such as the James Baldwin Memorial Center where she helped create a fruitful and beautiful area open to the public. Now as a recent graduate, Yelissa yearns to contribute her knowledge to improve businesses in the fashion industry.

Mission Statement

Yelissa’s mission is to live life creatively and responsibly for the sake of the planet. This means helping the people in her community by taking part in innovative projects dealing with the environment. As a Business and Technology of Fashion graduate and worker in the apparel industry, Yelissa is aware of the negative impact the fashion industry has caused the world and how many are dependent on the industry. By collaborating with others to fortify the planet and create solutions that better the community, Yelissa hopes to create a world that allows self expression without harming the planet.


After noticing the importance of visual presentations while completing artistic projects, Yelissa plans on earning a certification in graphic design to better assist businesses and and community initiatives. By learning the skills of a graphic designer, Yelissa will know how to effectively convey what the business is about and in a way that is attractive and pushes the company forward. To transition easily to the course, Yelissa will work on learning how to use Adobe PhotoShop. Yelissa will also take part in three community projects that create solutions for the environment and deal with how people express themselves. By involving herself in these situations, Yelissa is making it easier to complete her goals.


Yelissa’s goal is to use the knowledge she gained from working with other businesses to create her own. As an entrepreneurial and community-oriented spirit, Yelissa wants her business to demonstrate the joys of using fashion as a creative outlet while being sustainable and safe to her community. Besides her future business, Yelissa wants to travel the world and see how others use self expression and contribute to the health of the environment. By enlightening herself, she will be one step closer to doing her part as a person living on Earth.