Interview and Web design -2


I should be a multi-role in the company, because my supervisor will always release different tasks to me, but mainly focus on design.My supervisor’s name is NEIL, and his position in our organization is Chairman of the Board.I sent a cover letter to all the companies recommended to me by the professor. This organization replied as soon as possible and contacted me by phone to make an appointment for the interview.My internship diary for the first week. I remember that the first day I started my internship was the same day as the interview.My supervisor accepted me and gave me the job on the day of my interview. Our interview was at the coffee shop he chose. He was very nice and talkative.After asking my major, he learned that I studied web design.So he told me that he was also planning to change the development platform of the official website of their organization, which was originally in WIX. He wanted to change it into WordPress.He also gave me the general design style he wanted.So that night I started designing for the front page of our website.In the next day’s meeting, we discussed and revised some small details of my design.

This is the PDF files of the web page design:

Unity For Equality

unity for equality phone


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