News Letter -5

In the fourth week, I received a new assignment.I also met other interns from the same university this week.This task is to design a News Letter. Every intern of us will do one but will have different themes.This is my first contact with this product design, but luckily our organization has done this kind of News Letter many times before.This gave me an example for reference. The content I got was the theme of Back to school day and 9/11 Memorial, both of which were relatively simple and easy to find the text content. For the sake of stability, I made two design plans for each theme.In the theme of Back to school day, I used the classroom and school bus to represent and explain my theme. The design and font also adopted a more modern choice, because I thought it could represent the new era of students and the new school season.On the other side of the 9/11 Memorial, I used darker reds and blues, the colors of the American flag.Then select the appropriate font to enlarge the Numbers 11 in 9/11, because I think the shapes of these two Numbers correspond to the shapes of the World Trade Center.