Mail blast -7

Week 6, this week I got a job I liked better, because it was done in code at the end, and I prefer to do it in code than design.This task was Mail blast. At the beginning, when the supervisor gave me this task, he told me that there was a platform website specifically designed and developed Mail blast on the Internet, and asked me to go to this website to make the Mail blast of our organization.In the beginning, I made Mail blast with the development platform provided by my supervisor, but the content design can only be made according to some choices given by the platform.Later, when I finished the whole production and conducted the email test, I found that the Mail blast made by these platforms could only be used in g-mail.Then I went to find out how to solve this problem. During the search, I found that the original Mail blast could be made with code.Then I made my own code and tried to send it and found it could be used for any E-mail, not limited to g-mail.And I also learned a lot of new code knowledge in making Mail blast with code, which is the most satisfying.

The following is the Mail blast that I made in code. It may be a bit problematic here, but it can be displayed well in the email.


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