About Me

During my clinical rotation at Cumberland Health center, my collaboration skills were greatly enhanced due to the experience of working with other health care professionals and staff. The experience was educational and informative which enables me to be more proficient at being a team player. I learned a lot about Community nursing in regards to its relationship to the needs of the population of the community. The community nurse is vital in the community because the nurse is at the forefront teaching and encouraging members of the community to make lifestyle changes that can prevent illness and promote health and wellness. The community nurse is also involved in research and lobbying for change in health laws.

In regards to my time management skills, I always arrived early and ready to work. I started my assignment early and set realistic goals which were possible to accomplish. My SLP ( Service Learning Project) assignment was on time. I was able to perform and complete all task in a timely manner, I managed the time I spent with each patient in the meantime ensuring that I was a good listener in order to address areas of need.

I was very comfortable working with the group. Everyone was respectful and receptive also they were very helpful and made me feel at ease. The main focus of community was patient’s well being. The group work as a team and got along well with each other. Everyone on the team knew what their job was and completed their task promptly.