Culmination Proposal

Yanick St. Juste

Project Culmination Proposal

For my project I will go over the basics of synthesizers. I will be going over basic parameters and also compare analog and digital synthesizers. The focus will also be on how to compose and navigate on a synthesizer. I will be composing synthesizer work for my presentation to show how far you can take synthesization. While owning a range of analog and digital synthesizers, I can provide audio wav files for the basic waveforms which are sine, triangle, sawtooth, and square. I am also going to video record myself creating these waveforms as well as patching and explaining fundamentals of an analog and digital synth. 


  • Wav files of recordings.
  • Video recordings.
  • Synthesizer compositions
  • Presentation slide.


9/07/2020-9/18/2020 : Start research on analog and digital synthesizers.

9/28/2020-9/30/2020 : Recording process of all oscillator waveforms.

10/05/2020-10/11/2020: Start implementing information on presentation.

10/23/2020: Work on synthesizer composition.

11/03/2020-11/08/2020: Video recording process.

11/11/2020: Meet with Prof. D’ Agostino with updates.

11/16/2020-11/22/2020: Video editing process.

11/20/2020: Complete presentation slide and any other extra work.