Being a Student Made Me a Critic.

After being in this Hospitality program for a few years now I’ve grown to be very critical of my “hospitality surroundings”. Yes that means just about everywhere I go but who’s really criticizing that much on the regular. I’ve become the person to ask on how to tip the waitress, the person that decides if one restaurant has more credentials than the other. The person to decide which hotel we will all be going to for vacation this year as well as its location.

Calling myself a critic per-say may be much but in terms of how I expect things to be done and my discomfort when I know something is incorrect, lets call me a self proclaimed own-life critic.

Through out my studies I’ve realized that the hotel industry is where I aspire to be. The restaurant industry has been my heart and home for several years now but it is not what I see myself happiest in. The end goal is to be a hotel manager at a hotel that allows pets to travel with their owners. Providing a daycare of some sort, so that the guests can trust and know that their pets are missing them, yes but in good care in the mean time and not alone.

Being a pet owner myself, and a very proud one at that, I can provide a sense of care and understanding that someone who doesn’t have a pet wouldn’t be able to understand to the same level. I’ve been up close and personal to situations in which a pet wasn’t being given the proper care and treatment and when the person was asked, it wasn’t even their pet, they were pet-sitting for a friend.

As a pet owner I am a critic by nature of others’ pet care, but as a Hospitality student I am a critic of everything from how my table is set up before I sit down at a table to how I am greeted at the entrance of a hotel. My education of the industry has made me a much better person, I would say. 🙂