About Me

I was born and raised in China and moved to New York at 12. The difference between New York and China has challenged her mentally. The disparity in societies and cultures can be overbearing and sometimes too much to handle. But Ying pushes through.

The game Sims influenced me. As a child, I used my free time to design my Sims house from interior to exterior. Before college, I always thought architecture was mainly just design,

In my freshman, I felt that architecture was art and metaphysics. I tried to break through my imagination to feel what space was. At that time, I learn to draft and enrich the space. At this point in my life, I’m still learning. There is a lot more I’m still searching for, but I will find my place in architecture, no matter if I’m passing by or getting to where I want to go.  I feel very proud of this profession. I like to do what I’m doing.  The difficulty of architecture itself is relatively large. Architecture is more complex, not limited to technology or art, but combines the two. When we put a building in an urban city, we must consider the urban environment (noise, wind direction, surrounding buildings, crowds, etc.)

My dream job is to work in a position that involves interior design and architecture: a typical job nine to five, with no work on weekends. How will it affect my life? I want to improve myself. I don’t want to over-stress myself. I’m enjoying the process.