My Favorite Projects – COMD 1100

  • Project #1: Found Shape

In project 1: part 1 we had to search for an artwork that was interesting for us while searching for it in online museum websites. After choosing one of the art pieces we had to draw lines and shapes we saw in the artwork. Moreover, after finishing drawing lines and shapes from the artwork we had to create our own piece of art with the lines and shapes. I was honestly surprise of the outcome of my work, I keep wondering how did I create my artwork from another artwork, and they look so much different, but somehow they connect with each other. For being my first project in this course I think I did fantastic. Also, it was really fun to create and using gouache paint for the first time was amazing.

Project #2: Gordon Parks

In the Gordon Parks project, we had to create an art piece based on and or inspired by Gordon Parks photographs. For this project we had to work with textures and values. I came up with many ways to create different textures such as using napkins to create my background, a very small detailed painting brush to create the hair and the brows and a medium round tip brush and flat brush to create the rest. It was very exiting to create different textures, Gordon Parks photography were truly an inspiration for this artwork and I feel like I portrayed that with my own piece.

Project #1 part 2: Figure Ground

In project 1 part 2, we had to come up with a design that had equal amount of negative and positive space. Both the positive and negative space had to influence one another in order to create a perceptional space. We needed to create an artwork that we couldn’t really tell which was the background and which was the figure. I feel like the artwork that I decided to create for this project was very simple yet very effective because I did equal parts of negative and positive space.

Project #5: Self-Portrait

This project might be my favorite piece that I created this semester. I was extremely surprised when I finished gluing this collage together. For this project we needed to create a self-portrait collage using warm and cool tones colors. I had so much fun creating this one, I love the colors and how they interact/connect with each other.

Project #6: Poem Pattern

In this project, we had to search for a poem we liked and make the poem into an art piece. We had to choose keywords from the poem, associated with colors and lastly, we had to create a pattern design with it. I created my artwork with watercolor pencil, it was harder to create this piece by hand because a pattern needs repetition, and they needed to look equal in proportions and colors. Also painting this with water color was a challenge, because I probably had to paint this at least four time in order for the colors to pop. Even though, it was a bit of a challenge I had so much fun creating this pattern and I will really love to create many more patterns in the future.

Project #6: Bezold Effect

For this particular project we had to choose something from our past, present and future and create a design. In this project we had to create a design twice side by side and change only the background color in order to see how the color of the background can make the other colors look different. I was fun to put my past, present and future into only one composition, at first I thought it was not going to work out. However, I decided to use the snow globe decoration as my main figure, and it all worked out. I enjoyed painting this artwork with different background colors.

Project 3: Logo

For this solo project I got to create a logo. This logo was fun to create because I had to figure out a way to see how the logo was going to identify the organization values. I used some icons that represented the type of programs provided by the organization.

The first version I created, I used the old school colors and I used way more icons. Once I sent it for revision my supervisor told me that I needed to use the updated school colors and simplify the icons to the most important ones.

With this feedback I changed the colors, and simplified the icons by getting rid of the ones that represented the organization the least. Moreover, once I revised the logo, I created different versions. I created two logos with three different variations, a black a white, white and blue and a blue with white. I ended up liking the white and blue and black and white the most.

It was fun getting to create these logos and I hope one of these gets selected to be used on their social media apps in the near future.

Project 2: Social Media Icons

For my second solo project I got to create social media icons to go on the footer of emails. I had to create new social media icons for their new apps, which were YouTube and TikTok. However, I redesigned all the ones they were already using. Therefore, I got to create five social media icons in total. I created it for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, school logo icon and TikTok.

I selected and used the app’s colors, then created gradients for each icon to give it a glowing effect with the help of the FX glowing effects in Ai. Moreover, I put the same shape, a rounded square shape that all the apps have. I did this to the icons to give it a more cohesive look.

Project 1: Poster

One of my first solo projects was to create a poster for the construction students. My supervisor emailed me and told me she had a solo project for me to create. I had the freedom to create the poster however I wanted as long as the information provided was in the poster. This project was fun to create because I used Ai generated illustrations. I used these illustrations to visually show what the construction students could and couldn’t wear. I also used the school colors such as blue and yellow.

When I first created the posters, I didn’t add the illustrations for each clothing item. It was suggested by my supervisor to add these images for each item, I revised the poster by adding the illustrations. My advisor really liked the outcome of the poster and I also liked creating it.


Software produced Audio and Translation

In this internship I learned many things at a more professional level. I learned how to work more comfortably in groups and individually. I improved my graphic designer skills in programs such as Photoshop, Adobe Premier and Lightroom Classic, because I had to constantly use these programs to edit photos and videos.

In addition, I also got comfortable having to do check-ins with my supervisor every time it was an internship day. I had to tell her what I was working on for the day, and or ask for tasks if I didn’t have any. Overall, I learn how things will feel and look once I graduate and get a job at a company where I’m going to be working with supervisors, clients, and coworkers.

Internship Experience

Software produced Audio and Translation

The overall experience of working as an intern for the first time ever, has been amazing. I had a great teamwork, supervisor and professor, that all helped me to have an even better experience. I had a great experience even before starting the internship, my professor made sure to help me as much as possible for me to have an internship for this semester. Furthermore, I’m extremely grateful for that.

The internship supervisor was amazing too. She made sure I was on track and gave the most helpful feedback. My supervisor always made sure to give me feedback to make my work better. Since I was doing the internship remotely, I had to do check-ins every time I was working, to let the team know what I was doing for the day and or if I needed any task for the day.

Overall, with all the people that I got to work with, we all had great communication and a lot of respect for each other. It was a great experience, I enjoyed doing every project, and planning every post, I posted throughout the internship.

Collaboration in the Workplace

Throughout the internship I was given solo projects here and there, but for the most part I was working with two other interns. It was a great experience getting to know them and working with them. Even though I was the only one out of the group that was doing the internship completely remotely, I never felt out of place. We created a group chat, so that our communication was faster and more effective.

In our collaborative group, we did some great teamwork. We were three interns in charge of the social media appearance of the training center. I was in charge of posting on Instagram/Facebook, editing photos, videos, planning content for the week and the occasional solo projects. Another intern was also in charge of posting/planning content for Instagram/Facebook with me, but he was also capturing the photos and videos as well as doing solo projects. The other intern that was part of our group was in charge of TikTok, capturing photos/videos and doing solo projects too.

It was a great experience working collaboratively in this group with other interns. We helped each other, if any of us needed help with something and everybody was just doing their job. This experience has helped me to strengthen my skills as a teammate and feel more comfortable working in groups where you have to rely on each other in order to have a good outcome.

My First Assignment

My first assignment in my internship was to do an overall research on the company’s social media and website. I was asked to do this in order to improve their social appearance overtime. I searched all of their social media sites like Facebook and Instagram and also their website page.

In addition, while looking through their site I was able to find many small changes that could improve not only their appearance but also grow their audience. Some of the ideas that I provided to improve these issues were things like updating social media profile photos, create a hashtag, create a color palette throughout their page and a few other things.

Lastly, I created a Google document with all my ideas and sent it to my coordinator. She liked the ideas and told me that all the proposed ideas were doable, we started working on some of them shortly after.

The Search

I first started searching for an internship back in August when I emailed my professor to ask her for guidance. My professor was able to walk me through each step I needed to take in order to get an internship. During that time I created a portfolio website to show to the companies hiring, I was also able to get my portfolio website as well as my resume revised by my professor before sending it out.

After finalizing the final revisions of my resume and portfolio, I was then able to start searching for internships. My professor provided me with email, phone numbers, descriptions of jobs that best fitted my interests and also a website where I was able to see many more intern jobs.

Moreover, many emails later of going back and forth with different companies I was able to find an internship. This internship was going to be perfect to work with, for me to develop more professional capabilities and expand my skills.

The Interview

The interview went great! I was able to get an internship as a social media content creator. It was a group interview where I was interviewed with another classmate by three coordinators. We were asked a series of questions in order to help the coordinators place us in the right place. We were asked to talk about ourselves and the applications we knew how to use.

Moreover, after the coordinators heard all the answers to their questions, they started to explain our job. One of the coordinators told us that at some point we were going to collaborate on projects together.

Lastly, the whole experience was great, the coordinators were really nice individuals. They were able to explain the tasks clearly and what they expected us to do throughout the internship.